Official Great Eastern Railway Guide

circa 1866


My knowledge of this book is ;imited to a few pages (51-62) which were removed from a copy many years ago, as part of a collection of books and ephemera, because they contained interesting engravings of St Albans.

The book must have been produced after 1862, when a number of lines amalgamated to form the Great Eastern Railway.  While the latest date mentioned is 1846 the text included details of the staff of Christ's Hospital, Hertford, which is (apart from some trivial differences) the same as that given in the 1866 Post Office Directory. I have therefore given it a circa date of 1866.



Hertford Castle



Sketch near Hertford



Hatfield House, Approach by Avenue   Hatfield House, side portion with butresses






The Arms of

St Albans

  Street Views in St Albans


Abbey of St Alban's from the Town




Entrance to the Lady Chapel, St Albans




South Entrance, St Albans



Interior of the Lady Chapel, St Alban's


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