Grand Junction Canal

Hertfordshire's Historic Inland Waterway

Batchworth to Berkhamsted

John Cooper



ISBN 978 1 4456 5297 9 (print)

ISBN 978 1 4456 5298 6 (ebook)

The book is an attractive pictorial guide to the canal with two pictures and an interesting text giving the historic background. Most of  the pictures are modern colour photographs but there are a good number of historic pictures, many from old postcards from the early 20th century.

I found it particularly interesting because it has useful information and old pictures of a number of the mills and associated industries that used the canal for transport in the past - in some cases with two or three pages of pictures.

In addition to the many pictures of the canal and the locks, the book does not forget to show some of the canal side taverns, some of which still provide refreshment for those travelling along the waterway.

In the context of this web site, the book forms an excellent companion to the more detailed written histories, and also to anyone travelling along the canal - by water or on foot - alerting them to interesting buildings they pass along the way. My only grumble is that I feel it would have been more useful for the historian if it had a map of the canal or an index.

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