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The Victoria County History of Hertfordshire

Edited by William Page


The St Albans Abbey Gateway

The Victoria County History for Hertfordshire (and other counties) is now available online at British History Online

The very important Victoria County History of Hertfordshire (which is available in most large libraries) divides the country up into its old hundreds. The volumes cover many aspects of the county and the main sections of interest to genealogists are:

Volume 1 edited by William Page, first published in 1902:- sport ancient and modern

Volume 2 edited by William Page, first published in 1908:- political history, schools, Dacorum Hundred, Cashio Hundred. The sections on the City of St Albans, and St Albans Abbey have been reprinted.

Volume 3 edited by William Page, first published in 1912:- Hitchin Hundred, Broadwater Hundred, Odsey Hundred, Braughing Hundred, Hertford Hundred

Volume 4 edited by William Page, first published in 1914:- Edwintree Hundred, Social and Economic History, Industries, Ecclesiastical History, Religious Houses

Reprinted 1971

For examples of information the book contains see

Charities - The Cross Key Charity - St Albans

The Manor of Ponsbourne, Hatfield

GORSUCH, Walkern, early 17th century


See A Comparison of Early Printed Sources

Also see the following web site - which includes an index of parish names on the Victorian County Histories:

There is a web site on the Victoria County History Project 

Locating Books
The book set is the standard reference work on Hertfordshire history in many larger libraries worldwide and most (if not all) Hertfordshire public libraries. The complete set is likely to sell for several hundred pounds on the rare occasions that it appears on the second hand market.

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