The Franci Trophy

Belinda's dog, Franci, was invited to attend the October 2002 Agility Show run by the Milton Keynes Dog Training Club. He spent some time watching the Starters Agility competition - although he didn't see all 174 competitors because of the rain - when he preferred his dry bed in the van.

The Picture on the Franci Trophy
In Memory of Belinda Reynolds


When the competition ended Franci attended the award giving ceremony and was able to help in the presentation of the Franci Trophy, an annual award for the best dog, owned by a club member, in the Starters Agility Class. It was won by Raggle Taggle Teazle, owned by Pam Young, which did a clear round in 36.32 seconds.


For those who knew the dogs, Franci is now 10 years old and is still very fit, enjoying frequent walks in Ashridge - where the excellent home-made food at the cafe at the Monument is much appreciated by me - and many other dog walkers. He also has frequent walks in Wendover Woods, and when walking round the Tring Reservoirs drops into the Bluebell Cafe at Marsworth, where dogs are welcome.

Belinda's other dog, Kayleigh, is 3 years old and enjoying life in a household with two other dogs, three children under five, and a large and well fenced garden where she can run free. She is still very lively and needs watching as items going "missing" from the kitchen include eggs, garlic and shallots. She often goes on walks on Combe Hill, near Wendover.

When possible joint dog walks are organised (Belinda specifically requested "doggy parties" in her will) and in October, 2002, one of these walks was in a wooded area where our children, including Belinda, used to play some 25-30 years ago, often taking our dog Ginny. We also used to picnic there when we had visiting friends with young children while more recently Belinda used to walk her dogs in the area. During the walk the opportunity was taken to scatter Belinda's ashes in a place which she would have known and loved for much of her life.

Update: June 2007: Franci will shortly be celebrating his 15th birthday and is remarkably fit for his age. Most of his walks are now in Wendover Woods - where "The Cafe in the Woods", run by John and Amy, opened in 2006 is now my favourite dog walk eating place. Kayleigh is still at her new home and better behaved - but still goes wild when she see me.


Franci (and me) presenting the Franci Trophy

September 2007



Franci (shortly before his 17th Birthday) presenting the Franci Trophy

August 2009