Belinda's dog Franci

August 28th 1992 - March 21st 2010

In 1994 France passed the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Dog Scheme. The following year Belinda (with Franci) won The Aylesbury Canine Training Society's Club Cup (pre-beginners obedience) and in 1999 he won the Society's Tobias Cup (starters agility class).

Franci and the other village dogs outside the church in the Walt Disney film One Hundred and One Dalmatians.

Filmed 1995, Released December 1996

"Franci the lad" in action in Jersey


At other dog shows

Following Belinda's death Franci ("Franci the Lad") is now retired and living with Belinda's parents. During his time with Belinda he won about 100 rosettes for his agility (including a few firsts). 

See also The Franci Trophy, 2002

These Kennel Runs were funded through generous donations on behalf of "Franci" and "Kayleigh" in memory of their owner Belinda, The late Ms Ella de Gray Jones; The Rothschild Foundation.  

The Samba Rehoming Kennel Block

These Kennel Runs were funded through generous donations on behalf of
"Franci" and "Kayleigh"
in memory of their owner Belinda
The late Ms Ella de Gray Jones
The Rothschild Foundation

Franci and Kayleigh at the new Hearing Dog Kennel Runs in July 2008

Franci was 16 in August 2008 and still enjoys long walks through the woods off his lead, although he is showing some signs of old age.

He competed in the Veterans Class in the Dog Show run by the Hertfordshire Branch of Hearing Dogs, held at Bricket Wood in September 2008.

Franci still enjoys country walks - typically of 1 to 2 miles - although he likes to take his time stopping to sniff - as his sight is not as sharp as it was, The above picture shows him with Kayleigh in Wendover Woods in April 2009. There are many rural walks near Tring and during the summer I tried to take him on a different walk every day - and have been photographing the walks and posting the pictures on Geograph.

SP9109 : Harvested logs waiting for collection in Pavis Wood by Chris Reynolds
Nr Hastoe
SP9711 : Roadside Car Park, Ashridge (near Aldbury) by Chris Reynolds
TQ1256 : By the Second Pond, Bookham Common by Chris Reynolds
Bookham (Surrey)
SP9213 : Marsworth and Startops Reservoirs. Tring by Chris Reynolds
SP9114 : Aylesbury Arm  A Canal Side Seat at Lock No 5 by Chris Reynolds
Aylesbury Canal
SP8707 : Wendover Arm: The Start of the Grand Union Canal Walk by Chris Reynolds
Wendover Canal
SP9414 : Tree Screen hiding Chalk Quarry by Chris Reynolds
nr Pitstone
SP8913 : Into the Next Field  Following the County Boundary Hedgerow by Chris Reynolds
Nr Puttenham
SP9014 : St Cross, Wilstone, from the East by Chris Reynolds
TQ1255 : A Path through the Woodland on Bookham Common by Chris Reynolds
SP8908 : The Harvested Crop and Future Victims by Chris Reynolds
Wendover Woods

Franci's last competition award

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People (Herts Branch) dog show at Bricket Wood

September 2009


This shows Franci (and me) in the "Best of Show" line up, after he had come first in the Veterans Class.


Franci with Hanaa, September 2009   Franci in the snow, December 2009

The Gazette, 24th February 2020

Farewell Franci - a great friend and companion.

August 28th 1992 - March 21st 2010

Right to the end Franci enjoyed his walks, but his condition was deteriorating significantly. This picture was taken on his last walk, while waiting for the Vet to call.  Franci went indoors and flopped down in his favourite position at the bottom of the stairs - where he could monitor the movements round the house. His friend came and a few minutes later, without a murmur, he was peacefully sleeping - for ever - surrounded by his family.



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