Woman (21) in Death Fall

The Bucks Herald, 28th November, 1985

Police are appealing for witnesses after a 21-year-old woman fell from the Civic Centre multistory car park, Aylesbury, last Wednesday morning.

Coroner's officer P/C David Gammage said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of Miss Lucy Ann Reynolds, of 33 Buckingham Road, Tring, but a witness who saw her fall could help the inquiry.

Miss Reynolds was unemployed and lived with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Reynolds. She was a voluntary in-patient at Hill End Psychiatric Hospital, St Albans, from February to August this year. [Actually on the section imposed by the court from February to April - with a number of home leave spells up to her death.]

She was shopping with her mother in Aylesbury when the fatality occurred. An inquest will be opened this week.