Old News


Temperance at the Trinity Chapel, St Albans

From the Herts Advertiser,

 7th January 1871



St Albans

A week of Celebrations with the Temperance Movement

 TEMPERANCE -- Mr G. F. Arnold, by way of celebrating with appropriate éclat the thirty-second anniversary of his life as a total abstainer, invited a large number of his teetotal friends to a conversazione in the Assembly Room on Monday Evening. ...

On the following evening about 170 of the working classes, in connection with the Trinity Chapel Open Air Meeting, were entertained at tea.

On Wednesday evening the Rev. D. Waters lectured on the "Poison bottle pyramid" and on Thursday evening the rev gentleman preached a sermon on "A full salvation to all who will have it for nothing."

On Sunday three sermons will be preached. in Trinity Chapel, by the Rev. D. Waters