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History House

In many ways History House is attempting to do for Essex a similar job to what I am trying to do for Hertfordshire. If your researches take you over the boundary into Essex this site is a must. The following texts are extracted from the Home page (as of August 2010)

Welcome to History House: From the haunting scenery of the salt marshes to its fields and picturesque villages, and from the River Thames to Britain's first capital and oldest recorded town, Essex has a fascinating past. Dip into the history of its towns, villages, parishes and its people with History House. ... There are now 2,531 pages of Essex history on the website - and more to comes.

Alphabetical List of Essex towns and villagesIncludes extracts from the 1848 and 1874 county directories which detail the history of the location and a list of the main inhabitants. A useful resource for tracking movements of your ancestors between the ten-yearly census. The 1863 directory is now also being transcribed.

History House seeks to provide free information on the history of Essex and to help you research your family history. The directories of Essex for 1848 and 1874 has been transcribed and I am currently working on the 1863 directory. It is hoped that other directories will follow. History House is researched and written by Phil George (Keldon)

August 2010   History House added