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Ashwell Church - from Robert Clutterbuck's The History of the County of Hertford 1827


Ashwell Church

No publisher
circa 1904


No publisher
circa 1930s


See also 1908
Painting of Church by E. A. Phipson:

Ashwell Church Interior
Bedwell Series
Posted 1903

Ashwell Church
Published by J. H. Christy & Son,
High Street, Ashwell

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She made haste and delayed not to learn the law of God for she did greatly delight in his commandments whereby she became exceedingly wise and graceful, pious, chaste, sincere, loving, obedient, pleasant, patient and guarded in all her senses. She was mild and tender in her mood not grave with sternness nor with lightness free.

Against bad examples resolutely good

Fervent in zeal and warm in charity

She was a pleasant Child She was a very dear daughter.

 Is she not one of the Lord's redeemed?

For she was not defiled she was a Virgin

And in her mouth we found no guile

It is said of such they shall sing a new song

Unto the Lord which no man can learn

but the hundred and forty and four thousand

O Lord give us Thy heavenly grace that we with her

May so follow her good Example that

We may be made partakers of everlasting glory


An epitaph from Ashwell

The Cream of Curiosity