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Hatfield Park - From a Hatfield House guide published in 1950s or 1960s


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Hatfield House in Olden Times

Hatfield House, the ancestral home of the Cecils, is a fine example of Elizabethan architecture. It was built by Sir Robert Cecil during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. The gardens are exquisite. (Hatfield Station)

Great Northern Railway
Stately Homes of England Series
Posted 1918

Hatfield House

postcard posted 1913

No publisher information

North Front
Hatfield House

Published by W. A. Guest
The Hatfield Press, Hatfield

William Aldridge Guest, printer, Park Street
& stationer, Church Street
Kelly's 1922

King James' Drawing Room
Hatfield House

Valentines Series # 6159

Photographed 1886
Posted 1906


Hatfield House

Valentines Series # 6470

Photographed 1886

Posted 1905

Old Palace

Valentines Series
# 30127

Photographed 1899



The Old Palace

published for Daisy Gray, Hatfield
# 82138

Miss Daisy Gray, Stationer,
Church Street, Hatfield
Kelly's 1933


Hatfield House by Wrench, circa 1903

Grand Staircase, Hatfield House, by Wrench

8584 Hatfield House - Grand Staircase



Hatfield House

8586 Hatfield House - View from N.W.


South Front of Hatfield House, circa 1903, by Wrench

8587 Hatfield House - South Front

  There are some very similar cards - apparently printed by the same Saxony company - in "The Hatfield Series." Could these also have been published by Wrench? More research is needed.


Elizabeth Oak

Valentine Series
# 18187

Photograph taken 1893

early divided back ~1903

Valentine later published a version of this card without the message strip.

Book: Early Stuart Household Accounts (of Hatfield House)

Book: The Salisbury-Balfour Correspondence 1869-1892

Book: My Life at the Vineyard, Hatfield Park - 1892-1942


The West Front of Hatfield House
The garden on this side of the house did not take on its present appearance until 1900, when it was restored to its Jacobean form. The mulberry trees at the four corners were planted by King James I, who wanted to encourage the silk industry.
From a Hatfield House guide published in 1973

Releasing the Hounds at Hatfield Park
From The Hertfordshire Hunt, 1933
The Countess of Salisbury established the Hunt in about 1775



Garden Party in Honour of the Shah at Hatfield House

The Seat of the Marquis of Salisbury

Illustrated London News

13th July 1889


Reference: Ebenezer Sadler, Receiver General to the Cecils

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North Front
Hatfield House

Hatfield House
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