Some Extra Pictures of Hertford


Lombard House, where Chauncy, the Hertfordshire historian, lived.
from AA's The Illustrated Road Book of England & Wales, 1965 edition

Ware Road, Hertford (from an early 20th century postcard)
[image provided by Craig Mackenzie]

The trees demonstrate a technique that was often used to control the size of decorative street trees. At intervals they were "pollarded" by cutting all the branches hard back - causing them to sprout a bush-like mass of thinner branches.

The road itself has a general muddy appearance common to most busy roads in the time of horse transport! In dry weather the material dried out and blew around and was euphemistically known as "Road drift". In towns the road were regularly watered to keep the dust down, while the contract to clear the road drift was sold off each year - the material being used as fertilizer.

Hertford Grammar School - posted 1909 - Valentine's card

Hertford Grammar School - undated  Photochrom postcard

Port Hill Hertford - posted 1905 - E Munnings, Hertford

uncoloured known posted March 1904

The Reindeer Tavern


Port Hill, Hertford
Valentine Series  JV 55200 (1906)

1903 Hertford Multiview card with undivided back
Probably published by Elsden, Hertford

Balls Park, Hertford

Old Houses in St Andrew's Street, Hertford
Frith card 81777 [picture taken 1929] posted 1949

see Kings Head

<<< St Andrew's Church, Hertford
Published by H. Middleton, The Wash, Hertford
Radermacher Aldous card - circa 1920-40?

River Lea and Lock, Hertford - Simson & Co, Hertford, SH 1879, posted 1928

The Bull, selling Pryor, Reid & Co Ltd Ales Stout and Porter. This is at Bull Plain and is illustrated in  Hertford (Archive Photographs). See also Postcards of Hertfordshire Pubs

The 1912 Kelly's Directory for Hertfordshire records that John Dumbrell was landlord of The Bull, 15 Bull Plain, Hertford.

This may well be an amateur photograph, and the picture may well include the landlord. Note  the parrot in the cage, and the sign by the door "ICI ON PARLE FRANAIS


Drinking Fountain and Boer War memorial


  See also Panshanger, Hertingfordbury

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