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Postcards published by Francis Frith & Co

Copies of Frith's photographs may be purchased from and there is a extensive online catalogue showing old pictures of many Hertfordshire Towns.  See Frith's Books.

Francis Frith was a Victorian photographer who published view photographs, and founded a company which, after his death, became a major publisher of view postcards. The following list of numbers, gleaned from,  would appear to be the plate numbers, and hence refer to the date the photograph was taken, rather than the publication year. 

St Nicholas Church, Stevenage - Frith Postcard posted in 1908 [No 44265]

The River Stort, Bishops Stortford
Published by H Copley & Co, Bishops Stortford. - Frith's Series 44295
coloured version of this card posted in 1962  [see River Stort]

Bishops Stortford, St Michael's Church, No 44867  [advertised on eBay]

Thorley Church No 44877

Hitchin, Walsworth Road - No 46640 - used 1916 [advertised on eBay]

Hitchin, Hermitage Road - F. Frith & Co. Ltd.  No 46642 (see An Interesting Pair)
Hitchin, St. Saviour's Church - F. Frith & Co. Ltd. No 46648 [ramsdale]

  Ickleford - F. Frith & Co. Ltd. No 49749  Posted 1939

Coloured version issued by Blum & Degan Ltd, No 10968, posted in Canada 1914

<<<< Hitchin Church Gates
F. Frith & Co. Ltd No 49733
Posted 1907

See Erroneous and Misleading old Post Cards

Rickmansworth, Moor Park, - Frith No 492529 [q.v.]
Batchworth Heath Frith No 49259 [q.v.]
Hitchin. St Mary's Church Porch and Tower - F. Frith & Co. Ltd. No 49739 [ramsdale]
Hitchin, The Biggin Courtyard - F. Frith & Co. Ltd. No 49743 [q.v.]
St. Ippolyts Church, Hitchin - F. Frith & Co. Ltd. No 49745A [q.v]

Letchworth Church - early 1900s
Postcard by F. Frith & Co. No. 65328

Bishops Stortford High Street No 71840 [advertised on eBay]

Hertford, Fore Street
Published by Rose & Sons, Hertford - Frith No 71852

Detail showing car (Reg. No. AF 2?08)

Hertford, War Memorial No 71855 [advertised on eBay]
Hertford, St. Andrew's Church and War Memorial - F. Frith & Co. Ltd. No 71869 [ramsdale]

The River Lee at Ware No 77116  [advertised on eBay]

St Mary's Church, Ware No 77118 - [T. W. Jennings, The Library, High St., Ware]

Hertford, St Andrews Street. No 81777  [posted 1949]


Christ's Hospital, Hertford No 81785

St Leonards Church, Bengeo
No 81779, Posted 1935

  Bridge Street, Bishops Stortford  No 86018

Later Postcards

Later cards had a letter code for the town, followed by a number, as in the following example.

Back of Stevenage card.

The book Francis Frith's Hertfordshire contains many dated photographs - and in many cases the pictures will have been issued as postcards. It is also possible to buy modern reprints from the old plates/negatives.

If you can can provide further dating information on postcards please tell me.


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