Park Street and Frogmore

Park Street and Frogmore were hamlets in the parish of St Stephen.


Bury Dell (Burydell Lane, Park Street) - Published by Alpha, St Albans

Bury Dell, Burial Ground of Ancient Romans (Park Street)

Published by Alpha, St Albans - circa 1905 [see Reverse]

Same Cottage - Google Street View

  Book: The Book of Park Street and Frogmore
Book: An Edwardian Village and its People
Wikipedia; Frogmore, Park Street

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PARKINS, Park Street, St Albans, 1890s-1950s
FANE, Frogmore, Late 19th century
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Holy Trinity Church, Frogmore

Lilywhite Ltd

Note dated 1920

Frogmore Village Sports

Alpha, St Albans

Posted 1905

  Village Sports, Frogmore, St Albans
Frogmore Village - post card by Alpha, St Albans  

Frogmore Church and Village

Alpha, St Albans

Topics: The Welwyn Floods of 1795 - also destroyed the bridge on the River Ver at Frogmore. This was as the result of a rapid thaw during a remarkably cold winter.

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