PARKINS, Park Street, St Albans, 1890s-1950s

July, 2001



Park Street & Frogmore

Di Morgan (DiDonmorgan @t of Haywards Heath, West Sussex writes: I was interested to see your item on education and schools in St Albans. My great-aunt Ethel Parkins was a school teacher and I believe that she ran a small village school in Park Street. I am trying to find out more information and wonder if you have any suggestions as to where to start. I am quite new to genealogy so have not got very far yet.

Congratulations on running such a well-produced web-site, it really is excellent and I have learned a lot already.

I have been unable to find any reference to Ethel Parkins in my own files - but I don't have much, as most records are from the 19th century or earlier. My 1949 Kelly's directory of St Albans shows that there was a Park Street Primary School (junior mixed & infants) at Branch Road: V H St Pierre, head Master. The school is still there (visit the Hertfordshire County Council web site to get the address, contact details, etc.) and they may have records relating to your great aunt - or at least tell you where such records would be held.

As to general advice on starting genealogy, it is always worth borrowing a "How to" style book from your local public library, and online you will find useful general information on GENUKI.

January 2014

When the above question was asked in 2001 the amount of information easily available was limited. Thirteen years later in only takes a few key strokes to find Ethel Mary Parkins, a 25 year old school teacher, born in St Albans, living where her parents and siblings at 5 Prospect Road, St Albans, in the 1911 census. The 1926 Kelly's Directory lists Miss Ethel Parkins as mistress at Colney Street (mixed) public elementary school, for 53 children. ... ...

If you can add to the information given above tell me.