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St Albans

Title: St Michael's Bridge, St Albans - Publisher: Hartmann No. 2645 3 - card known posted 1905
Bridge over the Ver, St Michaels

Text: The River, St Albans - Publisher: Hartmann No 2645 6 - date circa 1905
The River Ver - the area opposite are the grounds of St Michael's Manor

The River runs in an artificial channel taking the water to the Abbey Mill.

Text: The River Ver. St Albans - Publisher: Valentine's Series Crystoleum  JV 65301 - date circa 1910?

The River Ver - with the Abbey on the hill in the distance


Looking over the bridge into Abbey Mill Lane >>

Text: The British Causeway, St Albans - Publisher: Valentine's Series Crystaloleum  JV 60067 - date circa 1910?

Cross over the bridge if you want to approach the South West end of the Abbey

or turn right and cross the valley into Verulam Woods

Text: Oldest Inhabited House, St Albans - Publisher: Shurrey's Publications - Date circa 1904
The Fighting Cocks, circa 1904 - slightly newer cards show the sign reading "Ye Old Fighting Cocks"

Text: The Old Silk Mill - Publisher: Hartmann  No, 2645 3 - used 1904 
The original Abbey Mill became a silk mill in the 19th century 
(See Silk Mills in Hertfordshire)

Text: St Albans, Holywell Hill - Publisher unknown No 20789 - date circa 1905
The view looking up Holywell Hill showing the Duke of Marlborough public house.
Holywell House, home of the Duke of Marlborough was on the other side of the road.

You may continue the walk up Holywell Hill.

or continue along the valley bottom to Sopwell Nunnery

Text: Sopwell Ruins, St Albans - Publisher: Hartmann No 2645 5 - posted 1906
The Ruins of Sopwell Nunnery.


Postcard painted by Sydbie

Sopwell Nunnery, Wrench 6304 c1903

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