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is a hamlet in the parish of

St Pauls Walden



St Pauls Walden


Whitwell (4 miles S.W. of Stevenage) is strictly a hamlet, but is a place of some size, scattered along the south bank of the river Maran. The nearest parish church is at St. Paul's Walden, but there is a modern Baptist chapel near the centre of the main street, and a small church on the Bendish Road, formerly owned by the Countess of Huntingdon's Connection; it is now partially disused. The mill at the E. end of the village, near the old tan-yard, was burnt down a few years ago, but has since been rebuilt.

Hertfordshire - Little Guide, 1903



Card posted 1905 - no publisher information

The Bull Inn in the mid 20th century
From Hertfordshire Countryside, Summer 1958


The Bull Inn in a drawing by Buckler about 1835
From Images of Hertfordshire


Mimram Valley
, Whitwell



High Street (East)

posted 1908



Post cards all published by

A. T. Robinson, Post Office, Whitwell




High Street



The Bridge
posted 1908

Topics: War memorials and Rolls of Honour - give details of War Memorial

from Afoot in Hertfordshire by Frank Dawes 

Pann Mill, Whitwell
Published A T Robinson, Post Office, Whitwell - posted 1908

See TOOLEY, Whitwell, St Pauls Walden, circa 1880

Bob kindly drew my attention to the book "Memories of a Whitwell Woman - How We Lived in Whitwell from 1911 and during the 1914-18 War" by Jessie Peacock Sansom. He said that Mrs. Sansom gave me a copy of her book in about 1994. She was then an elderly resident living in Whitwell and may now be deceased. She was connected with the watercress farm. The Herts County Council Library Catalogue says it was published in 1988 - and there is at least one loan copy available. There is a short online extract in the St Paul's Walden Parish Magazine for May 2006.

If you know of other books, websites, etc, relating to this place, please tell me.

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