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The Hatfield Series


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No Title Posted Notes
2 Hatfield - Fore Street 1907 DL
3 Hatfield Park - Queen Elizabeth Oak 1906 DL
6 Hatfield House - The Grand Staircase   (scan)
7 Hatfield House - The Armoury   DL
9 Hatfield House (room unclear)   (scan)
11 Hatfield House - King James Room 1907 (scan)
13 Hatfield House  West Front   -
16 Hatfield - Park Street   (scan)
17 Hatfield - The Eight Bells   DL
18 Hatfield - Arm & Sword Yard   DL
22 Hatfield - The Broadway 1906 DL
24 Hatfield - Opening the Flood Gates Mill Green 1906 (scan) Coloured
38 Stanstead Road, Hunsdon 1910 Below
51 Bedwell House, Essenden 1910 Below
53 St Mary's Church, Essendon   Below
60 Essendon Mill   Below
61 Essendon Mill 1905 Below
63 Tewin Lady Ann Grimston's Tomb   Below
64 Rye House Tavern 1906 DL
65 Stanstead - Cats Hill 1906 DL
68 Little Berkhampstead - The Monument 1908 Below
81 Stanstead Abbots - St Andrews Church 1906 DL
92 Welham Green   DL
94 Hatfield Park - The Hertford Lodge   DL
Hatfield Warren Wood Hatfield 1906 Below - Unnumbered
Hunsdon Hunsdon Church 1905 DL - Definitely unnumbered
Hunsdon Hunsdon Church Interior 1904 Below
Hunsdon Hunsdon - Stanstead Road   DL
Hunsdon Hunsdon, With the Village Pump   Below
Lemsford Lemsford   DL - Definitely unnumbered
Lemsford Lemsford - Brocket Hall across River   Below
Lemsford Lemsford, St John's Church 1906 Below
Lemsford Lemsford - Vicarage 1907 [Get]
Little Berkhampstead Little Berkhampstead   DL
Widford Widford - Walnut Tree House 1904 DL - Definitely unnumbered
Widford Widford  "The old Thatched Cottages" 1904 Below


Bedwell House, Essendon, Hertfordshire  

Bedwell House - Essendon

Hatfield Series No 51

posted 1910

Essendon Mill  

Essendon Mill

Hatfield Series, No 61.

Posted 1905

Essendon Mill, Hertfordshire  

Essendon Mill

Hatfield Series, No 60.

circa 1905


Essendon - The Salisbury Crest
Hatfield Series, Copyright
Posted 1919 but back style circa 1904
  The Salisbury Crest, Essendon, Hertfordshire

Essendon - St Mary's Church

Hatfield Series No 53

circa 1905

  Essendon Church, St Mary, Hertfordshire



Warren Wood, Hatfield

Hatfield Series Post Card

Posted 1906




Hunsdon Village Post Card - with pump - Hatfield Series card

Hunsdon "with the Village Pump"

Hatfield Series post card - probably 1905-10

Stanstead Road, Hunsdon. Hatfield Series Post card No 38

Stanstead Road, Hunsdon

Hatfield Series post card No 38 -- probably 1905-10

known posted 1912

Interior, St Dunston's Church, Hunsdon, Herfordshire

Post card posted 1904 - Hatfield Series


St John's Church, Lemsford - "The Hatfield Series" postcard posted 1906

Lemsford - Brocket Hall across River
The Hatfield Series - circa 1905

Little Berkhampstead

The Monument, Little Berkhampstead
"The Hatfield Series" No 68 - known posted 1908


Hatfield Series, No 63


Thatched Cottages at Widford, Herts - Hatfield Series  


"The old Thatched Cottages"


Posted 1904


The Hatfield Series


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