Hertfordshire Postcard Artists, Photographers, Publishers, etc.

Picture Postcard Co. Ltd.

(1899-1901) of London


St Albans Abbey by Picture Postcard Co Lts for Midland Railway


Midland Railway

The most picturesque route through England.

The most interesting

route to Scotland.


The Cathedral,

St Albans


Picture Postcard Co. Ltd

6 Draper Gardens

London E.C.


The same negative later used in coloured pc by Photochrom, and Photochrom probably provided the negative.


The back had a very simple format

This short lived company, based at 6 Drapers Gardens, London, E.C. only operated for two years and is best known for a series of small sized "advertising" cards for the railway companies, with views of places served by the company. I have no example of these earlier cards but after November 1899 (when the regulations changed) they produced "normal" sized cards, such as the one illustrated here, which could well be one of the earliest cards of this size for St Albans. It should be noted that some of these cards had the stamp printed on it and may have been sold from vending machines on the stations.

I would be very interested to know if there were other Hertfordshire examples.


Tell Me

 if you can supply details (and possibly scans) of other examples

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