Hertfordshire Postcard Artists, Photographers, Publishers, etc.

Photochrom Co Ltd

(1896 onwards)

of Tunbridge Wells

St Albans Abbey with sheep grazing - circa 1900 - published later by Photochrom  

St Albans Abbey S.W.

Publisher: Photochrom Ltd

No:  20730

unused circa 1905

Note the fence (faint) to keep the sheep back from the Abbey.



Identical picture (sheep in same position) issued by Picture Postcards Co Ltd circa 1900

Photochrom was a large company in England from 1896 and produced a large number of view cards. Picture Poctcard Co. Ltd. specialised in Railway advertising type cards and it seems likely that the picture was taken by Photochrom or their agents and they supplied the negatives rather than Picture Postcard taking the photographs.


St Albans, St Peter's Street

Publisher: Photochrom Co Ltd Celesque Series C 32960

Manually dated March 3, 1918


(Also in monochrome with  circa 1904)

(monochrome - no white strip - numbered)


Swiss Cottage, Watford

Photochrom Ltd. Royal Tunbridge Wells

No. 49367


Watford, The Lime Avenue
Photochrom 76205
circa 1930s
also know in sepia

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