"Writing Space Dot"

Significant checking needed

Other Writing Space variations see Writing Space Other

This post 1906 back is comparatively unusual by simply using the words "Writing Space" to describe the message area, and if one ignores minor differences - such as colour, whether there is a full stop after the word "Post Card", and whether the dividing line is single or double - the backs can be divided into the following versions.


Crown Series 1 (1912)

Writing space dot


Crown Series 2 (1911)

Writing space dot


Advice to ... about to  get married (1910)

Chase up


Advice to Men in Love (1910)

Writing space dot



Barmaids (1914)

Writing Space II

Breach of Promise (1911)

Writing space dot


The British Workman  (1911)

Wrong Back


Every Picture tells a Story (1912)

Writing space dot


The Law

Writing Space II



The Heavenly Twins - I Don't Think

also Lined address

Reworded Birthdays Greetings card

Writing Space II


Who Said Liar

Writing Space II


Unsigned - No Series identified - In some cases the artist may be "F S"

Following in father's footsteps

Writing Space II


What every Woman Knows

Writing space dot


A Merry Christmas

I've kept the bottle & the duck and send this card to wish you luck

Writing Space II

Not in these trousers

Posted 17 June 1913

[Other backs]

Writing space dot


Why Lucy didn't get the letter

No 668 PC II


Man does not live by bread alone

Writing space dot

Have you ever kissed any woman before?

[Signed Version known]

Writing space dot


When a man is not a man

Writing space dot




The Typist - A typewriter saves time & makes work a pleasure

Posted 14 March 1914

[Unsigned F V P]

Variant colouring and Series 9034

Writing Space II


I'm coming home stony broke



Following in Father's footsteps

'ere, why don't you steer ...

Posted 16 August 1911

Writing Space II


I don't want no honey ...

Posted 21 August 1910

Writing space dot


"Oh, He's touching me!"

Writing Space II

But there's always room for a girl

Posted 23 August 1911

Writing Space II


Here  What are you doing with that Girl? Nothin! ... ...

Also Numbered [PC. I] 477


Man's mission is to support woman and he does!

Your husband has a rather large repertoire

Oh yes, but he's taking anti-fat for that


I'll run down to the sea for the week-end and get a mouthful of fresh air

Oh! I'll come with you and see you don't get a handful.


"I don't know what you mean - besides I can't leave the baby"

Active Service - A Pressing Engagement


The way they have in the navy - Dowse the glim you lubbers


Under two flags

The Explorer

Can you wonder why the moon turned pale.


Some one has been there before him!

Writing Space

[9 Sept 1911] 29 September 1911

Also with Series Number and just number

Writing Space II


Housemaids Knee

A Pleasant Complaint

also see Vertigen

Writing Space II


A Couple of old tubs


What soup did you say this was Waiter?   Chicken Soup Sir


This is where the Milkman comes in!

Series 6073

For other variations see The Milkman

@@@Wong Back @@@@

They do like their little bit of red

16 October 1914


A Happy New Year and a New Leaf to turn over

[Printed in Saxony] 


Do you want a bed warmer Sir?

Writing Space dot

[4 October 1912]

Writing space dot


For other examples see Entirely British 

If I should plant a tiny seed of love

Writing space dot



I saw your husband going into the public house again Mrs Brown - I thought he'd given up the drink.

So 'e 'as, Sir, but he do like a drop of beer to sop 'is bread in!


Lummy Guv'nor I thought you were the comet!

31 January 1912

Writing space dot

On your travels George did you touch Florence?

No - but I had a darn good time with Mabel

Writing space dot



I am having my own weight just now


My youing man's a soldier

Six foot high is he

His arm is strong

His weapon's long

And he's bery fond of me

Writing space dot


"Go away you rude man" "Garn! Ankles ain't no treat to me, I'm a bus conductor"

May you see everything good this Xmas


The harp that onsh in Tara's Hall

How they go home

also Lined address



It was the schooner Hesperus that sailed the wintry sea

And the skipper had brought his bottle of stout

To bear him company

12 September 1912

Writing Space II



Is this true, concerning you?

Writing Space II



Mary had a little lamb; who's flea's were fiery red; and every night when Mary went they followed her to bed

Writing Space   See Fleas

16 August 1912


A flea in the hand is worth two in the bed

Writing Space See Fleas 

Writing Space II


A Scotch Reel (Real Scotch)

Writing Space II

Also Crown Series 1009

Writing Space II


Only 11/6 & it won't talk back

Writing Space

18 August 1913

Writing space dot



The Maiden's Prayer

O1 do send me a husband, and if he dies send me another, and if he dies send me another with trousers on.

Writing space dot


A Windy Day in Bonnie Scotland

Writing Space

Also Crown Series 1008


There are spoons. There are others

August 1911


Gimme three pennoworth of your best gin please. Mother wants to poison our cat

Writing space dot