A possible "F S" set



While not signed these cards look as if they may be part of an "F S" set and have relevant backs. The provisional dates suggest they were all first published after the London View Company Limited went out of business.

Query? are there others in the same series?

These cards have a Writing Saxony back suggesting a date of 1907/8 (?? to be confirmed). Two also includes the "publisher" name. They could well be "work in progress" when the London View Company closed down.

A flea in the hand is worth two in the bed

Vertigen - Writing Saxony


Chase Me Girls

Writing Saxony


Don't Move

Writing Saxony


Vertigen - Writing Saxony


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These cards have a Writing Space back suggesting a date of 1910/11. This back was used to reprint several "F S" sets.

A flea in the hand is worth two in the bed

Writing Space


Flea with me Beloved

Writing Space   ??? 1911



Mary had a little lamb; who's flea's were fiery red; and every night when Mary went they followed her to bed

Writing Space   16 August 1912


Flea with me Beloved

Series No 3009


These cards have a Postcard PC II back suggesting a date of 1913/4 (pre war). Quite a few of the other numbered cards with this back appear to be closed. linked to "F. S."

Mary had a little lamb ...

Postcard PC II   667


    Chase Me Girls

Postcard PC II 695

[Note - added fleas]


   Adversity aquaints us with strange bedfellows

Postcard PC II 694

This page is provided to help card collectors identify cards by "F S" (Frederick Spurgin) so it will help everyone if you can fill in gaps by providing picture titles, thumbnail pictures (250 pixel long), back information and date of posting information.

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This series could be explained if the Saxony printer of "F S" cards in 1906/7 had further work in progress, or contacts with "F. S.," after the London View Company closed. The printer undoubtedly held the plates and continued work on any unpublished item it had. At about 3 year intervals it reviewed the plates it had and reprinted selected cards.



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