"F S" Catalogue - Sets

The catalogue contains a list of comic sets by set names - and also the following identifiers

"Stone" Used for early sets signed as "F Stone"  or a suitable variant
"F S" Either signed "F S" or identified in the list of "F S" cards published in the Picture Post Card Magazine of  March 2009 - in most cases using the same set name.)
"Dauber" Signed "Dauber"

Signed "Spurgin" or a set after 1910 clearly recognised as being by him. The very many sets by Spurgin after 1911 by Inter-Art or Art & Humour are not included in the main index, as they are outside the period covered by this catalogue but many are listed (with some random samples) on the publisher page.

[VN] Unsigned cards associated by Vertigen almost certain to be by Fred Spurgin.

"Green Back" sets  almost certain to be by Fred Spurgin.


Name of actual artist - usually for sets which were investigated and proved to be a false lead


No identifier - unsigned set not by Spurgin

The text on nearly all cards is recorded - so to find which set a card is use the search facility using part of the text on the card as a search key.