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Introduction to the "F S" Catalogue


The "F. S." project is a subset of the Genealogy in Hertfordshire Web Site, which is itself one of a number of community sites in the HertsWeb Community Network. It is run by the "resident genealogist" Chris Reynolds and important updates are reported on the blog Hertfordshire Genealogy News.   The site is free and non-commercial and is, in effect an educational wiki type site. However if you find the site helpful, or use material from it, you are invited to make a donation to help the Herts Mind Network support the mentally ill people of Hertfordshire, in memory of my daughters Lucy and Belinda.

Chris Reynolds

Under Development


This project started as my working files, and covers not only the main stream research into the Crown Publishing Co of St Albans, but also the various incidental detours and false leads. At present work is underway converting my original notes to provide a catalogue of the work of Fred Spurgin up to 1911, when he started publishing large numbers of signed comic cards.  Pages which have been converted to form part of the catalogue will have a heading with a blue background, such as this page, while pages with an uncoloured heading are part of my unedited original notes (or are still mainly in draft form).  Progress in the development work, and the latest updates of new material, will be recorded on "F S News"



A normal page on this web site should have a scrolling menu on the left, and the main display area should have one or more buttons in the top right hand corner.  will take you back to the main entry page for the whole web site while the other buttons (for instance "F S" on this page) will take you to the local master page for the topic illustrated by the button, together with the appropriate menu.  Under some conditions (such as when you enter the site from a browser such as Google) the menu will be missing. In such cases re-enter the site using one of the buttons in the top right hand corner.


Larger Images

If a picture has a blue border clicking on it will either provide more information or a bigger picture. If you make use of any of the larger images you should acknowledge the source (The Genealogy in Hertfordshire web site) and you should also consider saying "Thank You" by making a donation to the site's nominated charity.


Contact - Improving the Site

Over the years the Genealogy in Hertfordshire site has grown through the interaction with the visitors who have asked questions and made comments. This catalogue of "F S" postcards (effectively anything before the First World War not signed by "F Spurgin") could be even more useful if you can help to fill in the gaps. Please direct any new information, corrections, or other comments to me at and it would help if you could include "F S" in the message title. Thumb sized images arew welcome to help fill gaps and should be 250 pixels wide (or high) - and information about the back could be vital in helping dating and a higher resolution image may help identift small print, etc..