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Crown Series 1 (1912)

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Crown Series 2 (1911)

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Advice to Men in Love (1910)

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Breach of Promise (1911)

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Every Picture tells a Story (1912)

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Do you want a bed warmer Sir?

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[4 October 1912]

For other examples see Entirely British 

This card, posted in 1917, has been "censored" in that the words "Printed in Germany" on the back has been scratched off,

Unsigned - No Series identified - In some cases the artist may be "F S"

Not in these trousers

Posted 17 June 1913

[Other backs]

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When a man is not a man

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Man does not live by bread alone

18 July 1912

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Have you ever kissed any woman before?

[Signed Version known]

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I don't want no honey ...

Posted 21 August 1910

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The Maiden's Prayer

O1 do send me a husband, and if he dies send me another, and if he dies send me another with trousers on.

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Mr. Jones - When you came in last night you kissed me. I believe you were drunk!!  Good Lord! I must have been!!

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March 1912

What every Woman Knows

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If I should plant a tiny seed of love

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On your travels George did you touch Florence?

No - but I had a darn good time with Mabel

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Only 11/6 & it won't talk back

18 August 1913

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My young man's a soldier

Six foot high is he

His arm is strong

His weapon's long

And he's very fond of me

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Lummy Guv'nor I thought you were the comet!

31 January 1912

"I don't see anything in the harem skirt, Charlie."   "Plenty to see in the others, though, Willie!"

11 May 1915  Writing space dot 

also Popular Series [PC. I]  

Gimme three pennoworth of your best gin please. Mother wants to poison our cat

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Is this bird a Plymouth Rock, Mrs Bordem?   Yes, Mr Smith.  Oh' then perhaps I'd better blast it!

May 1912

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Carpenter! What a funny name for a dog! Why do you call him that?

Well you see he does so many little jobs about the house.

November 1912

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The Passing of Time

July 1913

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The Harem Skirt has stopped all this sort of thing

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See [PC. I]  446