The "Popular Series"


The publisher of "The  Popular Series" is unknown. and it is possible that more than one publisher used the series name. However there are two reasons to look at cards in this series carefully. (More date information required.)

When the London View Company closed in August 1907 "F S" had been producing about one card comic set a week and may well have other partly completed sets in progress. By 1908 four "F S" sets were being punlished and sold in the USA and at least three of these sets were being sold in the UK as part of "The Popular Series."

By 1909 a distinctive series of unsigned comic cards appeared in which the backs was the same as cards published in "The Crown Series" by "F S" except from the added words "Printed in Gt. Britain" and the series name - so could these cards also be "F S" trying out a new style?

The UK -> USA "F S" Sets

Take a Friend's Advice

And take two

Signed "F S"

The Popular Series

No Publisher

Late Saxony

29 April 1909

Who said Liar?

Miss Bullion, Darling, I love you for your self only

Signed "F S"

The Popular Series

No Publisher

Late Saxony

with long printed Christmas Message


Not Posted

Mistakes will occur!

Take the D=== Kid Away!

No Signature

The Popular Series

Late Saxony

28 February 1909
The Popular Series with "1d postage applies" type back

I'm in great spirits

Now! Show me that "Darned Cat."

The Popular Series

26 September 1912


1d postage applies back


If you suffer from loneliness will curate (Cure it)

Now a maiden fair met a curate meek

He looked so shocked and she looked so sweet

She smiled at him and his heart gave a jump

He came for a week and he stayed for a month.

The Popular Series

Hands across the see

The Popular Series


He: You've been a long time, Dear

She: Yes Darling, I've just had my "Kimona" cut out


The Popular Series


Seat Ma'am

No - somewhere to put it

The Popular Series

5th August 1912

Are you listening?

August 1913


Mother bathes her toottsies every day at ....

Plenty of everything here

22 August 1912




Come at once!

I'm just about "stiffing" it"!

24 April 1913

Give us yer 'and ole man! Same complaint!


Hello! You are looking well

I'll do anything in reason but I won't come home!



" We cannot all be heroes

And weather the roughest gale,

But We'd all have a try at the Channel,

If the Channel were only Ale."

P. T. O.


P. T. O.



"If the missus says "It is."

"It is" and I know it"

29 August 1912

All that I ask (hic) is love.


How'd you like to spoon with me!

Don't all speak at once!


We are tripping it gaily at

Are you listening



Aunty goes bathing at Mablethorpe

Vanman - Shan't keep you long Mum. There's a lady here nearly ready.



Have a little soup, Sir?

Go away and let me die!

Life on an ocean liner

9th August 1912

On the sandhills at Blackpool

At last we are alone darling


Come Birdie Come

20 August 1912

Other "Popular Series" Cards - may not be related to above

Popular Series - Stock Exchange Terms - set of six ? publisher in 1905

The Popular Series No 9 - 1905


My House is My Castle - Popular Series No 430 -

See Spring Cleaning


At Last Alone - Popular Series No 431

Sing me to sleep, the shadows fall

The Popular Series No 424

5th April 1906



Sour Grapes

The Popular Series No 425

[and other fruit]


  I shall not be able to call round

The Popular Series No 504

"I don't see anything in the harem skirt, Charlie."  "Plenty to see in the others, though, Willie!"

The Popular Series No 347

also Writing space dot & [PC. I]


It was rather awkward

The Popular Series No 304

23 December 1905