The "Popular Series"


The Popular Series

It is likely that a number of different companies have introduced series which they have called "The Popular Series" and for the time being I have decided just to record details of "F S" cards in the "Popular" series - together with very brief details of other comic cards with the same series title in the period 1905 to 1910.  More detailed investigations will only be carried out if a clear pattern starts to emerge.

Take a Friend's Advice

And take two

Signed "F S"

The Popular Series

No Publisher

Late Saxony

29 April 1909

Who said Liar?

Miss Bullion, Darling, I love you for your self only

Signed "F S"

The Popular Series

No Publisher

Late Saxony

with long printed Christmas Message


Not Posted

Other "Popular Series" Cards - may not be related to above

Popular Series - Stock Exchange Terms - set of six ? publisher in 1905

The Popular Series No 9 - 1905


My House is My Castle - Popular Series No 430 -

See Spring Cleaning



At Last Alone - Popular Series No 431


Various "At Last Alone" cards posted 1907-9 with no series/publisher name on different backs and with USA postage.

Hands across the see

The Popular Series


He: You've been a long time, Dear

She: Yes Darling, I'vee just had my "Kimona" cut out

He: WHAT!The Popular Series


Sing me to sleep, the shadows fall

The Popular Series No 424

5th April 1906


Sour Grapes

The Popular Series No 425

[and other fruit]




Seat Ma'am

No - somewhere to put it

The Popular Series

5th August 1912

(but c1906 back)