"The Alphalsa Publishing Co"

Also called the Alpha Publishing Co Ltd

The firm started around 1910 as Alfred Striebel & Co. In about 1916 they became the Alpha Publishing Co and shortly afterwards became Alphalsa Publishing Co Ltd, then about 1923 changing to the Alpha Publishing Co Ltd.

While "Fred Spurgin" cards were published by the company the ones I have seen are versions of the cards produced by Art & Humour and will be dealt with there.

Alphalsa cards by Frederick Spurgin Cards

Between about 1916 and 1923

Dear One!

I cannot live without you

No 388


[also published by Art & Humour, No 388 in the "Food Budget"series]

Just covered by Luck

No 370


[also published by Art & Humour, No 370 in the "Wee Scottie" series]

Scotch to the backbone

No 414

A Copper won't buy much today

No 337


[also published by Art & Humour, No 337 in the "Topical"series]

Alphalsa railway cards relating to Hertfordshire  

Title: G. C. Railway, Manchester express passing Rickmansworth - Publisher: Alpha Postcard No 1402, The Alphalsa Publishing Co Ltd, 2 & 4 Scrutton St, London, E C 2

G.C. Railway. - Manchester Express passing Rickmansworth