Delittle, Fenwick & Co. Ltd.

The "DEFCO" Series

DEFCO Series from Summer 1906


He vexed Grandpa when saying goodnight,

By using his pate to strike a light.

The DEFCO Series

October 1906

Earliest noted 11 July 1906

Holiday Weather Report -

Playfull Breezes.

The DEFCO Series 2907

Give us yer 'and, ole man!

Same Complaint!

"We cannot all be heroes

And weather the roughest gale,

 But we'd all have a try at the channel

If the channel was only ale."


You are looking well

I'll do anything in reason but I won't come home!

The Arrival - The Departure

The DEFCO Series 2911B

Sunset on the pier

The DEFCO Series 2911

"Duck. You fools! Duck!"

The DEFCO Series 2911A

20 March 1907

"We can take you if you'll sleep with Johnny!"

The DEFCO Series 2911D

A Barren Pitch

"Whisper and I shall hear"

The DEFCO Series

A home from home

The public sitting room

The DEFCO Series 2030

11 July 1906

I wouldn't leave my little wooden hut for you u u

The DEFCO Series 2931

13 August 1906

I wouldn't leave my little wooden hut for you u u

The DEFCO Series

31 December 1907

I wouldn't leave my little wooden hut for you u u

The DEFCO Series 2939

12 & 13 October 1906

Fun on the flying machine at Southport

The Leyland Series No ?31

August 1907

[Other Leyland series linked to Southport, but not Defco]


VISITOR:- "What a disagreeable smell about this morning" Are the drains out of order?"

LANDLADY:- "Certainly not: we 'aven't any drains: it must be their's next door."

The DEFCO Series 2933

LANDLADY:- "Here's your bill, Sir!"

VISITOR:- "What, just for a week! What do you take us for - 'The Catch of the Season'?"

The DEFCO Series 2934

"The Landlady adjusts the gas at the meter so carefully (though she blames the 'bad pressure') that I find it well to take a candle in for reading."

The DEFCO Series

While no claim is made that these photo-comic cards are by Fred Spurgin the technical level and satirical approach are similar to the cards in the Burlesque Series produced by Watkins & Krake. As yet I have no earliest postal dates for these photo-comic cards.
Early DEFCO Cards
Most of their early cards, including many view cards and the comic examples below, are in the DEFCO Series and have the same logo but with words such as

This space may be used for inland correspondence but not when sent abroad

A Frog he would a wooing go ... ...

The DEFCO Series

August 1904

I came to the sea to be quiet

The DEFCO Series

June 1904

Met a few old friends

The DEFCO Series

November 1904

Walters Road, Swansea

The DEFCO Series

August 1905

Houses of Parliament, London

The DEFCO Series

September 1905

Buckingham Palace, London

The DEFCO Series

April 1906

A Happy Birthday

The DEFCO Series

October 1906

St Bartholomew the Great

The DEFCO Series



Delittle,Fenwick & Co, Art & Colour Printers, York

This space may be used for communication except when sent abroad

Songs & Singers.

"His brow was wet with honest sweat

He earns whate'er he can."

The Village Blacksmith

No 274

Songs & Singers

"Oh merry goes the time when the heart is young

No 274

14 December 1903

The Proposal

No 85

Other DEFCO Comic Cards

Strikee Matchee on him patchee

Chin Chin Chinaman

No 1189

8 May 1905

Novelty Card

The Shurey Fine Art Post Cards

The company printed cards for many other publishers and it is likely that they printed all the cards with the 1d postage abroad backs. The best known examples are the view cards of Shurey's Publications.

This beautiful Series of Fine Art Post Cards is supplied free exclusively by Shurey's Publications, comprising "Smart Novels," "Yes or No," and "Dainty Novels."

The finest 1d Magazine is "Weekly Tale Teller."


Old Mill, Cassiobury Park, Watford,  posted 1908


The Bridge, Aldenham House, Herts
posted 1910

A Scene at Ware, Herts

posted 1911

For INLAND Postage only this space may be used for correspondence.

The Shurey views covers all of the British Isles and a scan of ebay shows that the earliest were posted in 1906, with more views appearing in later years. As the wording of the back seems to have remained unchanged on all the copies of the samples I examined, and all three copies of the Ware card were posted in 1911 (presumably the year it was distributed free) it would seem that the 1906 style back was never updated. This supports the idea that the 1d postage abroad back was also used for several years after 1906.