E. R. Green & Co.

of Blackpool

and "Victoria Series"


A Blackpool based Publisher of the Syllikuss series of cards in 1909


Edward Rhodes Green & Co was a stationer, draper and outfitter at 10 Victoria Street, Blackpool who sold post cards from 1904 with the initials "E R G & Co." in the "Victoria Series." The great majority of the cards he sold were views of the Blackpool area but the "Victoria Series" also included a number of comic cards, mainly unsigned, and apparently by different artists


The publisher is of interest because in published a number of cards signed by "Syllikuss" appeared in the "Victoria Series" in the summer of 1909.





for all known Syllikuss post cards


Some other E. R. Green comic cards in the numbered Victoria Series

In most cases the artist is not known


4 Just a line from Blackpool

20 August 1909


6 What Ho, She Bumps



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33  Everything going out, Nothing

coming in


43 It's the tailor makes the man


53 Pa getting fresh air at Blackpool

57 Courtin' Neet - two pair of squeezers


65  His mother's way




Find the calves

28 August 1913

The " Sally and Sammy" cards by Ted Ashton


The recorded Syllikuss Cards are in the range 78-109

257? We are having a gradely good time here

1 June 1909



By Jove, Blackpool's simply ripping, I've brought the place



Rag time is all the rage at Blackpool




You've won a medal like this here for your great success in shifting beer

The "Victoria Series" mainly consisted of view cards such as these.

77  Blackpool from the Cliffs


215   On Blackpool Sands