Some Contemporary Artists of 'F S'

Teddy Ashton

This area of the research has proved to be an interesting blind alley.

Delittle, Fenwick & Co. Ltd. (Defco) introduced a rather verbose "1d postage applies" post-1906 back which was used a few years later for Fred Spurgin comic cards published by several different publishers. It was also used for Defco's own comic cards. This back is very uncommon and at first sight the only other comic cards with this back were those published in 1908/9 by E. R. Green of Blackpool - signed by "Syllikuss" or "Teddy Ashton" and it was appropriate to see if there was a connection with the Fred Spurgin cards.

Further Research: The latest research on "Syllikus" suggests that there is no simple link to the work of Fred Spurgin, apart from the common back, and there seems to be no reason for me to follow up the activities of Teddy Ashton in any detail. However if there are any further odd-ball cards, such as the baby's bottle, this might suggest that Teddy Ashton was a candidate for the identity of "Syllikuss."

Published by Teddy Ashton


Sammy (to his girl): "Dark Room! That'll be for courters."

Sally: "Should we ax how much they charge?"


Teddy Ashton Series - Copyright



Sammy (to his girl) - "We might as weel get one cheap while we've th' chance, I reckon we shall need one when we're wed."

Sally - "Ger off wi' thee!"

Teddy Ashton Series - Copyright



[same back]



Sally's Mother: "I durn't think that girl thou'rt courtin' has much about her."

Sammy: " Well, I carn't say whether she has or not, but I'll ax her."


[27/10/08 ]

Copyright - Teddy Ashton - Blackpool

No. 79.



I'm adding a lot to my weight here

Copyright - Teddy Ashton - Blackpool

No. 113.



[same back in black]

Published in the Victoria Series

39 Dark Room


57 Courtin' Neet - two pair of squeezers


61 The Sculpture Gallery


64 Another Dark Room


65  His mother's way

16 August 1909


Your Bottle

Have A Suck


Teddy Ashton's Copyright

No 66

Published by

E. R. G. & Co




Find the Calves

One good cow and two calves


No 69