Novelty Post Card Co. Ltd., Liverpool

The Novelty Post Card Co. started publishing postcards in 1905/6 and its distinctive logo was registered o in October 1908.

Put me among the girls,

do me a favour do!

The company came to my notice when I discovered this comic card, posted in September 1908. It had the distinctive message (below) used by the printers Delittle, Fenwick & Co. Ltd, with the logo N P C C L instead of the more common Decfo logo. The relevance is that this back was used by many Spurgin cards between about 1907 and 1910 - see page 1d postage applies.

Are we downhearted!

British Series, Liverpool

16 September 1907

Seaside Objects - My Word! If I catch you bending at Blackpool.

Posted 12 July 1909

also "at Cleethorpes" No 210 posted 1917

"Not a word to the wife."

British Series, Liverpool

22 Jul7 1909


There's a time and a place for everything.

Posted August 1907


The above postcards all have the same basic Defco back with no explicit publisher identity. The first is a genuine novelty card - as it can be used to strike Vesta matches.  While it is clearly a novelty card connected to Defco it may not be connected with this company.. The other two comic cards both carry the information "British series, Liverpool" and are aimed at the same market at about the same date as the comic card at the top of the page, and it seems likely they were also produced by the company.

Sunday Service at Kirk Braddan, I.O.M.


Heysham Village

Posted 21 May 1908


The Lighthouse, Douglas Head, IOM

[with PCNCL logo]

Posted July 1911

The above view cards also have the Defco wording, while the following cards have more normal backs. All were clearly produced by the company.

When I was single I had a watch & chain.

Now I am married I am watched & chained

Novelty series, Liverpool. No 299

Posted December 1908


You may think it rude showing my feet , but I have my socks on

Copyright by Novelty Post Card Co., Liverpool

No 459


Remembrance from Isle of Man

[With glitter]

Novelty Post Card Co, Liverpool


Steam Ferry up to Douglas Head, IOM

Novelty Post Card Co, Liverpool

[with glitter]


Lord Street from Scarsbrick Hotel, Southport

Novelty Post Card Co, Liverpool

Posted May 1908



A different back with logo



Here's to the girl I live.

I wish that she were nigh,

If dringking beer would bring her here,

I'd drink the d... place dry.


No 428