Fred Spurgin Series

Published by Inter-Art in 1911


Coronation, Hobble, Harem, Winning, Spurgin, Haremette, Bloomer Kids, Topical Christmas, Springtime, Seaside


Inter Art Co, Southampton House, London WC

"XXX" Series  No NNN    Printed in England

[Some cards were reprinted with later backs]

Coronation 828-835

The Coronation of George V was on 22 June 1911

Some Court Dignitaries at the Coronation


Are you going to the Coronation


What I saw of the



The Coronation.

The sight of a lifetime


If I were King.




29 May 1911


The Coronation has made an impression on me.


The Queen


Our Young Prince of Wails




While the CORONATION set is not signed it is almost certainly by Fred Spurgin who repeated the design of this card in the later Art & Humour PEACE set.


Hobble 838-849

I hope you won't split

No 839

Some girls are not so bad as they are painted

No 840

One ass is as good as another

No 844

A real side-splitting joke.

No 845

This vacant lot for sale

846    Posted 1911

Yet they say women are making great strides

No 847


Train held up

Hobble 949

Harem Series 850-861

Earliest postage recorded

July 1911

Not in these trousers

No 850

4 & 24 July 1911

Following in mother's footsteps

No 851

Why don't you give the poor man his trousers?

No 852

United and divided

No 853

Are you swanking in your harem skirt

No 854

? 1911

Not always a case of harem scare'em

No 855  Unsigned

28 August 1911

Gasps and pants

No 856

17 July 1911

Are these your bags, Madam?

No 857

When did they breech you, Auntie?

No 858

Bachelors buttons six a penny

No 859

My wife has worn them a long time.

No 860

Can't come - I'm inside a harem

No 861

Winning  [901-905]


The girl with the winning ways

No 901

In the Shepherd's Fold.

No 902

9 February 1912

I'm taking a week out

No 905

No Signature

Spurgin series  [913-924]

Earliest postage recorded

14 November 1911

Speak! Speak!

No 913

I'll make her jump out of

her skin

No 915

I'm coming home by rail

This Christmas

No 917

22 December 1911

Taking after his Father

No 919

30 December 1911

A speech from the thrown

No 920

Her favourite him

(Abide with me)

No 921

14 November 1911

She: How do you like my new dress?

He: I Haven't looked under the table yet

No 923

December 1911


Haremette series 925-930

Earliest postage recorded


Startling revelation

No 925

Why do you wear the breeks, Lassie?

No 927

You're getting into a funny habit!

No 928

"Look Bill, this old gal's only got a pair of trousers on!"

No 930

Bloomer Kids Series 931-936

Earliest postage recorded


Some girls do make terrible bloomers

No 931

Paper bags

No 932

Life inside a Harem

No 933

Mother's pants will soon fit Millie

No 934

Made out of Mother's Old Ones

No 935

Can you strike matches on your pants, Cissy?

No 936

Topical Christmas Series [75-82]

Earliest postage recorded



Hearty Xmas Greetings. "Should auld acquaintance be forgot?"

No 77 Signed "F S"

Posted 21 December 1911

Happy Xmas. "I'm dropping this to greet you."

No75  Signed "F S"

Posted 23 December 1912

A Most Merry XMAS. Watch you are not caught

No 80  Signed "F S"

A Christmas remembrance

No 82 Unsigned

Springtime Series [102-112]

Earliest postage recorded






In the Spring

We are getting busy in the garden

No 102

28 May 1917



In the Spring

A Spring Lamb with a little Mint Sauce

No 103

6 January 1914


Id the Sprig

I've a warbth id by heart, ad a cold id the dose.

No 104


In the Spring

In the Spring an old Man's fiance lightly turns to thoughts of love.

No 105


In the Spring

Can you spring it?

No 106 

In the Spring

It comes out in the Spring

No 107

3 June 1916


In the Spring

The Spring has come so sudden

No 108

4 April 1912


In the Spring

The Spring of Love

No 109


In the Spring

"Oh to be in the countrie

Now that Spring is here."

No 110




In the Spring

The Spring - It is here!

No 111

1 February 1915


In the Spring

We've heard the Cuckoo sing

No 112


Seaside Series [115-137]

Earliest postage recorded


(Varied backs - perhaps due to later reprints)

Wish I could raise the wind

No 115

Posted 1912

Come down and see me. Shan't have much on.

No 116


We're splashing it

No 117

2 August 1912

I'm down here for sun-dry reasons

No 118


Going out to sea, Govnor?

No 119

I'm lying on the beach

No 120


I'm wearing a smile all the while [at Cacton on Sea]

No 122

10 September 1912


Am down here for my health. Not expected to re-cover

No 123

posted in USA 6 September 1913 (different back)

I found another beauty spot this morning

No 124


Have just reached this lovely place

No 130

27 October 1913

Paddling - My own canoodle

No 132



We're cutting a funny figure

No 134

The interest is in-tents

No 135

Grace before Meat [At Clacton]

No 137