"International Art Co"


The International Art Company was formed by Robert and Louisa McCrum in 1909 and specialised in fine art postcards and continued until after the Second World War. They are of interest here because the company published a very large number of Fred Spurgin's cards between 1910 and 1916. The flow stopped at about the time that Fred Spurgin started providing cards for Art & Humour.

A Selection of Frederick Spurgin's Cards

The list of sets was compiled by Ray Collier and was published (with titles of individual cards) in Picture Post Card Magazine April & May 1986. Sets typically consisted of six or 12 cards.



Bloomer Kids, Harem, Haremette, Hobble,

 Seaside, Springtime, Spurgin,

Topical Christmas, Winning


I hope you won't split

 Hobble Series

No 839

My wife has worn them a long time

"Harem" Series

No 860


Winning Series


Speak! Speak!

Spurgin Series

No 913

Why do you wear the breeks, Lassie?

Haremette Series

No 927

Some girls do make terrible bloomers

Bloomer Kids Series

No 931


A Most Merry XMAS. Watch you are not caught

Topical Christmas Series

No 80


We're splashing it

Seaside Series

No 117

2 August 1912



Beauty, Johnny, Katchy Kids, Leap Year, Licker, Mephisto, Nipper, Pannier, Springtime, Turks,


We're only trying to get at you

"Leap Year" series

No 956   


'll be with you in two ticks

Dutch Kids series

No 321


The things I have to go through

Youngster series

No 486


Another Rising in Turkey

Turks series

No 967


Birthday, Bobby, Bow-Wow, Briny, Cafe, Cinema, Dutch Kids, English Kids, Girlie, Hennery, Jack Tar, Kiddoo, Kitty Kats, Mirth, Odd Kids, Panel, Patriotic, Quaint Kiddies, Scout, Tartan, Target, Tiny Tots, Toast, Waifs, Wee Mites, Xmas, Youngsters

Not there, not there, my Child

Il n'est pas l mon enfant

English Kids Series

 No 315

A Happy Birthday

Here's wishing you all you wish yourself

Birthday  Series

No 278?

Do I get 30/- for every one?

Hennery Series

No 390



Alone at Last

Kitty Kats Series

No 329

Happy Birthday Greetings

Birthday Series

No 276

Alright Behind

Beauty Series

No 208


Artistic, Boy Scouts, Chic, Chic Coon, Fairy, Freak, Holiday, Kids, Komic Kids, Luvnot, Patriotic, Patriotic Xmas, Racy, Remembrance, Robert, Storyette, Tango, Tommy, Topics, Wee Rogues, Witty

Why don't they chain him up for biting

Girlie Series No 528


If only you were here

Chic Kids Series

No 561



I Want you to know I remember

Forget-me-not Series

No 271


You're the only girls I ever loved

Wee Rogues Series

No 570


Alliance, Beach, Bulldog, Cherie, Comrade, Forget-Me-Not, Good Luck, Home Sweet Home, Khaki, N A, New Love, One Four Nine, One Nine Seven, Steadfast, Ten Six One,  Terrier, Valliant

Friends in need are friends indeed

Patriotic Series No

More Dread-noughts

Patriotic Series No 471

Every little thing on my arm has a meaning all its own

Khaki Series No 1057


Eleven Twenty Two, Twelve Sixty Two

We all Love Jack

Patriotic III Series

No 796

God grant us Peace with Honour

Remembrance Series

No 844

You are my hero!

C'est toi mon heros!

Valiant Series

No 1117


Other Spurgin Children cards

I've two of everything.

Coon Series 628

Some girls do make terrible bloomers

Bloomer Series 931

A drop too much

Youngster Series 491

No publisher name but part of Inter-Art Sets

Her's to the Good Girl! - not too Good, for the Good die young and we don't like dead 'uns

Toast Series No 261

O Lord! Give me a Pure Heart. A Loving Heart, A Sweet-Heart

Target Series No 265


You are my favourite moving picture

Cinema Series


Publisher name but part of Inter-Art Sets


You are just my Mark


[Target Series]


D G back


"Kute Kiddies"


Unsigned - may not be by Spurgin

Merry, joyous, blithe and gay, The gladsome Child claims Wednesday

No 603


Dear Lord - If you are still making little boys. can't you change me into one?

No 609




Sale Now On! Everything Down

No 612

May &  August 1910

The Rising Generation: England

No 620


Mother & Child Doing Well

No 637

October 1911


610 in basket

611in basket

613 in basket

632 bid outstanding

633 March 1910

634 in basket

642 Puffed Up


620 Its a bit off - in basket

621 The Girl who took the wrong turning

625 Skates Off Nov 1910

When Fred Spurgin left other artists continued to produce cards with young children

I Ain't no blooming girl

Signed Phil Martin


Posted 1910