Old Masters Series

  and other Art post cards published by:

London View Co. Ltd.

As this series was published by the London View Co. Ltd. it was produced in 1906/7. The fact that it was "printed at works in Hamburg" suggests it was not printed by the printer in Saxony most used by the London View Co Ltd..

No evidence so far that the series appeared under other publisher names - but the set may well have been brought in from another fine art publisher.

The London View Co. Ltd. "Old Master Series"

Printed at Works in Hamburg

Christ carrying the Cross

Paul Veronese

Daniel in the Lions' Den

Peter Paul Reubens

Mater Dolorosa

Guido Reni

Abraham's sacrifice


Abide with Us

W Klenk

God Save Me

G Klenk

Christ healing the blind

Luigi Carracci

The Conversion of St Paul

It is finished

Michel Angelo

Other Art Post Cards

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 Channel Islands

London View Co

Posted 1 March 1906


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