'F. S.' Publishers

"London View Co. Ltd."

Provisional Company History


In the early 1900s the boom in the number of post cards being purchased and used was accompanied by very many companied trying to get on the band wagon, often encouraged by continental printing firms that large print runs worked out a lot cheaper per card. Many of these upstart companies soon failed because they didn't realize that the hardest part of making money was getting the cards into the shops - because of the need for a salesman to go from shop to shop. And once you got your salesman through the door the more different types of card you could sell the better. If you got things badly wrong - and Wrench is the prime large company example - you went out of business and some companies, such as Thridgould, did well selling large packs of assorted surplus (often bankruptcy stock) cards.


 The "London View Company" seems to have been a short-lived wholesaler who worked in association with an unnamed Saxony printer. The idea seemed to be that a company wanting to sell a wide variety of types of cards could get ready-made examples with their own company on. The best example relates to the "F S" cards where an artist produced many different sets of comic cards to attempt to compete with the excellent comic cards produced, for example, by Tom Browne for Davidson Bros. All "F S" cards were produced after the company had become the London View Company Limited in the first half of  1906.


It seems that the company started in 1905, apparently in Aldergate Street, London, became a limited company in 1906 and in August 1907 the London View Company Ltd failed. This raises a lot of questions - which are currently being researched.

  1. Did those running the company (unfortunately no names yet) switch their alliance to other companies. It is probably not a coincidence that the earliest know examples of the Brighton View Company are dated 1907. The fact that the first cards produced by the East London Publishing Co are dated 1908 is possibly a coincidence, but see It is very Breezy for why it might be relevant.

  2. Assuming "F S" is Fred Spurgin what did he do next? He would have had work in progress which he would want to complete and sell, and he needed a new regular publisher - something he achieved with Inter-Art in 1911 and even more successfully with Art and Humour between 1915 and 1925.

  3. A number of the companies which had been selling "F S" cards continued to sell comic cards. In some cases, such as Vertigen, some of these (unsigned) may be by "F S". In other cases they we selling cards by a new artist in 1908

  4. Who was responsible to the "F S" cards which appeared in the USA in 1907/8 after the London View Company had closed.

  5. Many green backed reprints of "F S" cards (unsigned) appeared between 1908 and 1916. In addition (with similar backs) there are unsigned cards in the "F S"" style and others which are clearly by other artists.


Early Brighton Cards

No 12  Northgate Entrance to Pavillion  11 September 1905

No 16 Seafront Brighton  11 December 1905

Brighton - Brighton Beach [no back]

Brighton - Norfolk Hotel and Promenade - 1906  [no back]

?? St Matthews Church

London View Co


Hythe, Kent: Canal Hythe  16 April 1906

Leigh on Sea The Old Schools - Series No 904

Lemington: Entrance to Jephsons Gardens, Leamington 4th December 1906

Margate - The Clock Tower, Margate  No 23

Winchelsea Church No 24

London View Co Ltd

Croydon - Waddon  18 Aug 1908

Eastbourne - Hampden Park, Eastbourne

Hastings: Battle Abbey No 7

Hastings:  Record Storm, Hastings No 13  30 August 1907

Hastings: Record Wave, Hastings No 14

Hastings: Alexandra Park, Hastings No 19

Hastings: The Memorial, Hastings No 20

Hastings: Alexandra Park, Hastings, No 28  31 July 1907

Hollington Church, Hastings No 33  12 Sept 1907

Hastings: ST Clements Church, Hastings No 35

Leamington: Holy Walk

Leamington: The Leam at Leamington



The Evolution of the Summer Girl

1905, 1907, 1909

The London View Co Copyright

Early LVC Logo



Mr Blast, Mrs Blast, Billie Blast, Bessie Blast, the blasted car, and the whole blasted family.

The London View Co

Early Saxony (green printing)

This space may be used for Inland communication

14 March 1906

  The card illustrated had the company name on the back - left hand margin. The stamp box is obscured by the stamp

Other versions are known. One unposted version has had "LVS series" in the left hand margin and "Printed in Prussia" in the stamp box. Rest of the back identical. ;

An uncoloured version has an  type back (except hyphen added Communication-Inland) snf was posted in October 1905

The other coloured version, posted in February 1907, has the left margin reading "The London View Co Ldt" [sic] and the words "This side may be used for inland communication" and "The address only to be written here."

Some Towns Photographed by the London View Company

before becoming a Limited Company - Earliest known dated April 1905 - Together with possibly linked local company

The Palace Pier

LVC No 5 - 10 September 1905


Pa's Holiday at Brighton

by F S


The Aquarium, Brighton

Pub: H G Harwood

Brighton - earliest posting August 1905 - More...

Lovers Seat, Hastings  

LVC No 18


Pa's Holiday at Hastings

by F S


East Hill Lifts, Hastings   No 5

Pub: Mossman & Co Hastings

Hastings - earliest posting August 1905 - More...

Pleasure Gardens  -  LVC

No 35


Pa's Holiday at Southend

by F S

Greetings from Southend on Sea



Southend on Sea - earliest posting April 1905 - More...

Newgate Gapway


Margate (No 23)

posted Oct 1905


The Harbour Parade, Margate

No 24 Posted August 1906


Margate, Sussex

earliest Posting October 1905



The Park Gates (Glitter Card)


St Albans Road, Watford

St Albans Road



Greetings from Watford

Watford, Herts - many different views - earliest posted 1906

Cards also appear as "Watford Series" for J J Southwood, photographer,Watford



by Co Ltd - using earlier pictures

Caversham Lock, Reading





Xmas Cards - London View Co for 1905 Xmas




With Best Wishes

London View Co No 126




A Bright Xmas

and New Year


London View Co No 358

20 December 1907

[Card also has "Series 215 in small letters on picture side]

See "Milton Series"


Wishing you a Bright and Happy Christmas


Series 1310

24 December 1907


The London View Company Ltd Formed

Hastings Multiview

The Beach

The Castle

The Lovers Seat

Eccleshouse Glen

The London View Co. Ltd.

This space may be used for Inland Communication

16 August 1907


All Saints Street, Hastings

No 5

The London View Co. Ltd.

Inland Postage



The Promenade, Brighton

The London View Co. Ltd.

Inland Postage



Mother Floats

Unsigned - 1906


Seaside (1906) Theme

London View Co Ltd






We have seen a lot of Mrs ___ Lately

Signed "F S"

13 June 1906


I wouldn't leave my Little Wooden Hut for you -- oo


London View Co Ltd

Early Saxony

25 January 1908


A E Hilton produced the "Our Navy" series for Modena but some cards with the Modena back also carried "London View Co Ltd" on the left edge of the back - and there were several other back variations. For more information see the Modena page


  Our Navy - Heave Ho

Davidson back with London View Co Ltd added

Posted 21 December 1906


Our Navy - Taking in Provisions 

Late Saxony Writing back


Xmas Cards - London View Co. Ltd. for 1906 Xmas




A Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

Xmas Day in the playroom

23 December 1906



Xmas post cards by "Bob" produced by the

 London View Company Ltd


  Xmas Joys be yours

Uncle goes to buy  the Xmas tree

Yule-tide Jollity 

Father buys the goose

17th December 1906

The London View Co Ltd

Platino Series No 500

SB: Stamp Printed in Saxony

Writing Space


The London View Co Ltd

Platino Series No 502

8 July 1908


The London View Co Ltd

Life Modes Series No 9

15 June 1908


Do buy my Pretty Flowers.

London View Co Ltd.

Inland Postage

13 January 1907

Tis very hard work

London View Co Ltd.

Inland Postage

20 January 1907

The Little Shrimper

London View Co

Early Saxony


Other London View Co Ltd

Series 1724 



SB: Printed at works in Saxony

R: The address only to be written here

L: Inland Postage

LM: The London View Co. Ltd.



Series 1721


Hints for Girls

If you go in for athletic don't let Gussie see you, it might make him Nervous

by G M Payne

London View Co Ltd

Printed in Aldershot

Posted 10November 1907


SB: ?

R: The address only to be written here

L: This space may be used for Inland Communication

LM: The London View Co Ldt. [sic]

Leatherhead  - 11 November 1908


[List any other examples]





Christmas Cards for 1905

by London View Co.


Christmas Cards for 1906

by London View Co Ltd


  A Christmas Wait

Signed "F S"




Adult Photo Comic Cards including the

"Life Modes Series"







Children including the "Platino Series"


Do buy my Pretty Flowers.

13 January 1907


Platino Series 503

18 June 1907




Painting by Spurlick

London View Co

Series No 229 


Two Little Orphans

London View Co Ltd




"Old Master Series"

and other Art Cards


Channel Islands

London View Co

Posted 1 March 1906


It is finished

Michel Angelo