Signed Comic cards

(not "F S") published by:

London View Co.


Cards by A. E. Hilton


A E Hilton produced the "Our Navy" series for Modena but some cards with the Modena back also carried "London View Co Ltd" on the left edge of the back - and there were several other back variations. For more information see the Modena page


  Our Navy - Heave Ho

Back as below with London View Co Ltd added

Posted 21 December 1906


Our Navy - Taking in Provisions 

Late Saxony Writing back

  "We have a Navy A Fighting Navy"

"Crossing the Line"


Cards by G. M. Payne

Hints for Girls

If you go in for athletic don't let Gussie see you, it might make him Nervous

by G M Payne

London View Co Ltd

Printed in Aldershot

Posted 10 November 1907