"C Modena & Co"

Artist: Alf E Hilton

The company were producing Christmas cards and a wide range of stationary  in late Victorian times. As postcards were added to an existing  business and were not the main sales line they are no found in any great quantity. After 1902 (until about 1912 when they ceased to trade) they are listed as manufacturing stationers of 46-48 Sun Street, E.C.

The only comic post cards I have been able to identify are the "Our Navy," "With the Force" and "Illustrated Army Orders" by Alf E Hilton. Earlier cards are identified and are in the Ducal series (two different backs - see below). The reason the company is of interest here is that there are a few examples of the Hilton cards with the name "London View Co Ltd" are known. Later these series were distributed (possibly after the company ceased publishing  comic cards) with no publisher (Writing spacee back).

OUR Navy

Series No 91

Alfred E Hilton produced the "Our Navy" series for Modena  but some cards with the Modena back also carried "London View Co Ltd" on the left edge of the back - and there were several other back variations.

The back was also used for some cards in the "With the Force" series.


Our Navy - Heave Ho

This is known with the following backs


Modena back as above but with London View Co Ltd as the publisher names in the left hand margin

Posted 21 December 1906 [Seen recorded 1905]


Normal "Post Card" heading - no publisher - "Writing space"

Posted 27 July 1912


Some variation  in the rest of the series - but Writing space commonest.

Our Navy - Taking in Provisions

Writing Space back

Also no publisher - "most foreign countries"

13 March 1907

Our Navy

Taken in Tow

Normal "Post Card" heading - no publisher - "Writing space"

Our Navy

We have a Fighting Navy

Normal "Post Card" heading - no publisher - "Writing space"

Our Navy

Crossing the Line

Modena back as above

13 ??? 1906

Our Navy

They All Love Jack

Back Known on Illustrated Army Orders card - 18 August 1905

With the Force

Series of six cards by Alf Hilton

Illustrated Army Orders 

Series of six cards  by Alf Hilton

The above series were first published by Modena (Ducal series - simpler back) and later reissued with no publisher name and a writing space back (This back seems to be far the commonest. Earliest recorded 10 August, 1911). Some Illustrated Army Orders cards have undivided French backs (Carte-postale & timbre).

13 March 1907 Unsigned


Volunteering - A little "butt" practice


These cards have no publisher name and the back refers to "most foreign countries" as does the at least one of the "Our Navy" cards.


The series is being monitored to see if any cards in this series were published by Modena or even the London View Company.


Volunteering - His first uniform


21 August 1908 Signed AEH


Volunteering -

Marching Orders