Unsigned Comic cards

(some may be "F S") published by:

London View Co.



The Evolution of the Summer Girl

1905, 1907, 1909

The London View Co Copyright

Early LVC Logo



Mr Blast, Mrs Blast, Billie Blast, Bessie Blast, the blasted car, and the whole blasted family.

The London View Co

Early Saxony (green printing)

This space may be used for Inland communication

14 March 1906

  The card illustrated had the company name on the back - left hand margin. The stamp box is obscured by the stamp

Other versions are known. One unposted version has had "LVS series" in the left hand margin and "Printed in Prussia" in the stamp box. Rest of the back identical. ;

An uncoloured version has an  type back (except hyphen added Communication-Inland) snf was posted in October 1905

The other coloured version, posted in February 1907, has the left margin reading "The London View Co Ldt" [sic] and the words "This side may be used for inland communication" and "The address only to be written here."

  See Moonlight Romance

 Earliest London Biew Co Ltd. October 1906


I wouldn't leave my Little Wooden Hut for you -- oo


London View Co Ltd

Early Saxony

25 January 1908