Moonlight Romance

These cards are of interest because they represent an early pre-"F S" link between H Vertigen & Co and the London View Company. It is not clear which of the companies first published the cards, or whether a third unknown company was involved and their names simply added as publisher. However Bryant, in "Picture Postcards and their Publishers" associates these cards with the London View Company.


Most of the cards are unsigned, but one contains the signature "P. E." - an artist who has not been identified.


There were many later copycat vards the final example shows the idea was still being copied some 50 years later.





Kiss me Pet! Don't Deceive me, etc

H V& Co, London

Series 5071

24 June 1905


What the Buttercups Heard

no publisher

Series 5072

17 January 1907

S R & Co, Martineau Street, B'ham was publishing view cards circa 1905.    

Beach Yarmouth Moonlight

Publisher "S R & Co" [Unknown]

2 September 1905

Artist "P E" not known    

Beach and Harbour in moonlight

Signed "P E"

London View Co Ltd

12 March 1907


Field by River in Moonlight

London View Co Ltd



Shaldon The Beach by Night

Much later card copying the idea

[Also Brighton, Jersey, Margate, Ramsgate, Skegness, Southport, St Ives, Weymouth, etc. posted 1950s]

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