Moonlight Romance

These cards are of interest because they appear to represent an early pre-"F S" link between H Vertigen & Co and the London View Company. It is not clear, from the limited examples available, which of the companies first published the cards, or whether a third unknown company was involved and their names simply added as publisher. However Bryant, in "Picture Postcards and their Publishers" associates these distinctive "moonlight" cards with the London View Company.


Most of the cards are unsigned, and initially I wondered whether the cards might be an early experiment by Fred Spurgin. However later I discovered one contains the signature "P. E." - an artist who has not been identified. It also appear that the Vertigem/LVC company cards were not the first to publish this type of card and the Art Publishing Company of Glasgow were publishing many cards by 1904..

Kiss me Pet! Don't Deceive me, etc

H V& Co, London

Series 5071 - 24 June 1905

Also No publisher - Series 5071

September 1906

OO naughty ickle boy, etc

H V& Co, London

Series 5071 - 24 Jun17 August 1905

OO naughty ickle boy, etc

No Publisher

Series 5071

March 1906

Also "What the Poppies Heard"

H V& Co, London

Series 5072

What the Buttercups Heard

no publisher

Series 5072

17 January 1907


What the Daisies Heard

no publisher

Series 5072


Field by River in Moonlight

London View Co Ltd


Beach and Harbour in moonlight

Signed "P E"

London View Co Ltd

12 March 1907

On the Beach in moonlight

London View Co Ltd

October 1906

Versions by other artists/publishers
There were many copycat cards by different publishers and presumably different artists and the final example shows the idea was still being copied some 50 years later. In fact the subject is a good example of how a distinctive idea was widely copied.
Keep it Dark - 1904

Keep it dark - The path to true love

The Art Publishing Co., Glasgow

6 September 1904

Keep it dark - Good old Jesmond Dene

The Art Publishing Co., Glasgow

Keep it Dark - Llandudno for ever

The Art Publishing Co, Glasgow

Keep it Dark - Good old Williamson Park

Keep it Dark - The Promenade, Morecombe

The Art Publishing Co., Glasgow

Keep it Dark - Good Old Morecombe

The Art Publishing Co., Glasgow



Keep it Dark - Dunoon

The Art Publishing Co., Glasgow

1 October 1906

Keep It Dark - The Esplanade, Saltcoats

The Art Publishing Co., Glasgow

Keep It Dark - New Brighton for Ever

The Art Publishing Co., Glasgow

30 July 1904

Other Publishers 1904

Lovers Walk by Night

??? rescan back for publisher ???10 October 1904 

Not far from Highbury

The Spoon Series No 7

28 September 1904

On the benched in the park

Birmingham Novelty Co, Art Publishers

Park Series No 20

18 December 1904

London After Dark 1905

The Bioscope

London after Dark series 4271

No publisher

May 1905

The Serpentine, Hyde Park

London after Dark series 4271

No publisher

Earls Court

London after Dark series 4271

No publisher

May 1905

'Appy 'Amstead Heath

London after Dark series 4271

No publisher

Other Publishers 1905-WW 1

Beach Yarmouth Moonlight

Publisher "S R & Co"

2 September 1905

S R & Co, Martineau Street, B'ham was publishing view cards circa 1905.

What the Moon Heard

no publisher - undivided back

Posted USA 3 September 1906

The Old Old Story - The Same Old Game

Signed Sid Smith

Victor Publishing Co, Alsen Road, London N

Posted 25 November 1905

A High Old Time

Publisher L P P C Co, London

September 1906, May 1907

Whispers in the Dark

Imperial Picture Post Card Co

1 August 1908

After Dark

St Georges Park, Yarmouth


On the Beach

W E B & Co, London, E C.

The Favourite Series No 454

March 1909

Other Publishers Post WW 1

On the Beach after Dark

Bamforth Comic Series No 2307

Brighton Beach by Night   1932

A Cinema Advertisement card using the same idea

Advertising card for a Turner and Coombes Theatre

Overheard in the Balcony at The Plaza, Whetstone


This Cinema seems to have had a very short life. A news item in "The Era" of 15 April, 1937, stated "Work has begun on the Plaza at Whetstone for Messers. Coombes and Turner. It is on the balcony type and will seat some 400." It was obviouly open when the "Leicester Daily Mercury" of 9 January, 1939,  reported on a burst water main and said "motor cars were used to "ferry" children and adults to and from the Plaza Cinema which for a time was surrounded by water." In May and June 1939 the Plaza was advertising for a "boy,16. general work, learn operating."

The last dated information I could find was in the "Leicester Daily Mercury" of 31 August, 1950, when the cinema was advertising for "Smart lady attendant required, evenings only."

Other Publishers Post WW 2

Shaldon The Beach by Night



The Copyright of E. Marks

Fine Art Publishers, Torbay Road, Kilburn, London, N W ^

Much later card copying the idea

[Also with no place name, Brighton, Clacton-on-Sea, Jersey, Margate, Paignton, Ramsgate, Skegness, Southend, Southport, St Ives, Weston-super-mare, Weymouth, etc. posted 1950s]