Paternoster Series

by Fred Spurgin

Avenue Publishing Ltd

Examples of cards by Frederick Spurgin Cards  in the Paternoster Series


I'm nae sae verre weel the noo!

No 505 August 1910


I dinna ken whether  I'm a laddie or Lassie

No 506

12 September 1910

20 February 1911


A Japanese Tea Spoon!

[no number]

22 August 1910?

A Love Offering


No 600



No 600


Where do I come In

No 600

They Toil Not, but they spin

No 602

26 October 1911



You do swank in your new clothes



I saw you swanking in the park

No number

There's a woman at the bottom of it!Paternoster Series No 606

9 September 1910


Only to see her face again!


Love brought is good but love given unsought is better

12th Night

No 606

3 February 1911

Whose little chick is oo?

Posted 1912


Soled out?

The Paternoster Series No 66




Avenue Publishing Christmas Cards by Fredk Spurgin

A Merry Xmas!

The Words are few but the wish is true.

The Avenue Publishing Co.

60 Avenue Chambers W.C.



A Happy Christmas!

Hoping you'll have many large cheques on you!

The Avenue Publishing Co.

60 Avenue Chambers W.C.





May your Xmas fare be of the best

With nought to shock the Ladies

No friends of yours consign you to

Well! sanguinary Hades!


May nothing unforseen and startling

Make your Xmas go contrary,

Get rid of your bad habits,

Keep a check on your Little Mary.


Paternoster Christmas Cards by Fredk Spurgin

A Happy Christmas hoping you will be able to make both ends meet.

The Paternoster Series No 607



To greet you with tuneful lay on this happy Xmas Day

The Paternoster Series


December 1911


Remember that the end is near

After the Christmas break

Unless you put a good deal away

You won't make both ends meet!


Peaceful be this Xmas Night,

Free from care and trouble,

May your joys be soft and light,

And may you not get double.