Policemen Comics

Published by East London Printing Co

Also [PC i] backed cards


Policemen Comics


777: Thank Heaven for the Fat Copper

Published by

The East London Printing Co

7 Houndsditch, London E.1

749: Mary Dear, could you lend me a copper

762: Nine Pints of the Law

765: The Policeman's Beat!

There were only 4 cards still in the packet when brought.

The card on the right (with a PCi back) was most likely the "missing" card.

764:  Cook wanted - Advertiser has vacancy that must be filled at once


With different backs

"Mary Dear, Could you lend me a copper?"

749     [PC II]

Cook wanted - Advertiser has vacancy that must be filled at once

764    [PC II]

The Policeman's Beat

765    [PC II]

Other [PC i] Cards

604 Its a good job I had my mother with me!

[Also 604 B]  [PC i]

609  Doctor's Orders - Something hot to be take at bed-time

[PC i]

617  There she is Bill. We'll just turn her upside down and tar her bottom

[PC i]

650  When Johnny was in the country he used ti chase the cows - and now he's in town he chases tge calves.

[PC i]

651 I want to see more of you he said when first they met - he married the girl this morning - now he is seeing more, you bet  [PC i]


654 When You are Single you can't afford a carriage and pair - Married you have too.

[PC i]  - also 654 [PC II]

When you are SINGLE you think a man only grow bristles on his chin

MARRIED you know better

[PC i] 659


715   Can't make ends meet

  [PC i]  also  686  [PC II]

771   The Lover's Seat needs repairing

[PCi] also [PC II]

Is this the height of your ambition?[PCi]