East London Printing Co  (ELP Co)


The East London Printing Co was publishing post cards by 1908, and many of their early cards were comic cards, often in sepia or black and white with the addition of red colour only. earlier cards have a small "E L P Co" incorporated into the lower part of the design,  

It is very windy here but am having a rare good time,


E L P Co (East London Publishing Co)


[2 October 1912]


This card appears to be either a precursor or a copy of It is vey breezy down here by F S. of a similar date and raises the question - was the above card drawn by "F S" or if not, who was copying who.

The following cards all have the same back as the above, and are printed in a similar uncommon way - and most carry the word "copyright."

Unsigned card published by E L P and posted 3 August 1908 -

Similar unsigned card with no publisher name posted 28 August

Signed Harry Quinton - copyright - No 38 - H Q, 92 Burrows Road, N W

Harry Quinton produced a number of cards in the same style and with the same back, seen posted 1905-1907and were all self-publisher from 92 Burrows Road, London N.W. While I have not come across any published by E L P Co.


If "F S" did not draw the above "It is vey windy" card could it have been drawn by Harry Quinton - and if so who copied who?

Signed Harry Quinton - copyright - No 21 - H Q, 92 Burrows Road, N W

The Pleasures of Cycling card was earlier sold by H Garner, and an initial search on ebay for ELP showed some of their cards probably came from H. Garner's "Living Picture" series. This would suggest that E L P took over the publishing rights from H. Garner in about 1910. However several of the E L P cards - such of the two below - have yhe same set names as an "F S" but are almost certainly not by "F S."

The Pleasures of Cycling

Will you mend my umbrella next please

No Signature

E.L.P.Co. Series

Printed in England

11 December 1911

The Pleasures of Cycling

Giving lessons is very exhilarating

No Signature

[Not listed as F S]


At about the same time as the above card was published E L P was also publishing other comic  post cards with similar backs. These are unsigned but not in the "F S" style.

The Pleasures of Motoring

16 May 1913

The Pleasures of Motoring  

The Motorist's Trials

The Motorist's Trials

25 October 1911

The Motorist's Trial cards are reprints, with modified texts, of earlier cards by Donald McGill and published by the Pictorial Postcard Co Ltd (E S = Empire Series) or the Regent Publishing Co.

When Father says turn we all turn

6 May 1914

Skating is a very embracing pastime

15 June 1913

We're all learning to skate


Father's Box of Tools


Father's Box of Tools

by Donald McGill    E S Series 2014

Father's Box of Tools


Isn't it disgusting - those men bathing with nothing on! - Horrid - let me look   posted 1911

Small prophets and quick returns

Outstanding Queries:
  1. Anything that relates to the "It is very windy" card and throws light on any "F S" connection.
  2. Further examples of "F S" cards published by E L P - particularly other series.
  3. Any information (for instance other common cards) linking H Garner with E L P.