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Having grown like topsy since 2001 this site is showing signs of old age - and I have started the process of winding down the site - and updates may well stop entirely when the computer currently used to update it finally gives up the ghost - or old age prevents me from doing any more. It is planned that the information the site contains will stay online but links with other sites may no longer work, while advice may be out of date because more appropriate information has become available since the original posting.


When I have time I will be be checking the pages for the towns and villages of Hertfordshire to see that the external links are correct, and I may well take the opportunity to add higher resolution images of antique post cards and engravings - accessible by clicking on the current small image. (Adding bigger images is now possible because of the vast increase in line speeds since the site started in 2001.) In some cases there will be draft notes for pages that were never completed and other items waiting to go online. Where relevant these will be tidied up and added as new information to be saved in the final archive.


If in the checking process a page is considered to be out of date it will be mothballed rather than updated with easily added information from sources that have come online sine the page was first created.


Places already checked are:


Aldenham, Ardeley

August 2017   created