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ALLEN, Whitwell, circa 1850

March 2004




Jacqueline Allen (sophie.petal @t of London says: My husbands grt, grt, grandfather is William Allen (born Whitwell circa 1850). He was a journeyman miller. William's marriage certificate to Matilda Swain gives his father's name as Charles Allen. Charles Allen had 5 sons, probably more children. He was a carman (millers) and 3 of his sons were millers.  and he had moved to Ponders Green by 1861. I am therefore looking for information the family of Charles Allen (b 1824, Whitwell) married 14th October 1848 to Frances (Fanny) Saunders (b 1826, Whitwell) and details of William's birth.

A check of the 1851 Post Office Directory for Whitwell  (listed along with St Paul's Walden and King's Walden.) proved negative. There was no Allen listed (apart from the Rev John Alleyne, curate). The list only includes the more important tradesmen, and if Charles was then a miller's carman he would not have been listed. George Young was listed as a miller, coal merchant and farmer, so Charles might have worked for him.

The 1851 census for Hertfordshire is indexed, but the only accessible copy is at HALS and you should consider visiting them to look at the census returns and also to get William's birth certificate. However you might find it more convenient to visit the Family Records Centre in London, where you can also look at the census returns, and order a birth certificate. (The FRC may not have a copy of the index, but as the population of Whitwell was only about 570 it should not be too time consuming to do c full search of the hamlet,)

April 2010

Bob Allen (ral03149 @t of Brisbane, Australia, writes: My great great grandfather was Robert Allen, born Luton 1784, died Whitwell 1869. He married Martha Deacon 1810 (St Paul's Walden) and their children were: George 1818; James Lawrence 1822; Charles 1824; Harriet 1826; Thomas 1828; Daniel 1833 and Frederick 1836. Daniel Allen died in Australia 1909 aged 76. He was my great grandfather.

I would be interested in contacting the Jacqueline Allen who posted in 2004 from London, whose email address is now non current, and whose husband is descended from Charles Allen.

I found a slightly later 2004 email address by searching on Google and if it is still valid I can update the email address given for Jacqueline.

If you can add to the information given above tell me.

April 2010   New Message added, Jacqueline's email updated
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