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Gurr, Christ's Hospital, Hertford, 1860s

June, 2010




Christ's Hospital

Paul Magel (paulmagel @t of Winnipeg, MB, Canada, writes Alfred James Gurr (butler, then dairyman) of Paddington had three sons, one of which (Alfred Richard Gurr) attended Christ's Hospital Hertford in 1861, according to census records.  His brother Henry Jonathan Gurr who was two years younger may also have attended there in the early 1860's,and is known to have gone to sea at the age of about 14. He eventually got third officer papers, so he may have attended the Mathematical School. A third brother Edwin Robert who was two years younger than Henry may also have attended in the 1860's, though this is less likely.

Do you have any information confirming that either one attended and what years? Also what might they have studied and how did they fare? Who recommended their acceptance?.

Revised Answer (May 2012)

The records in Hertfordshire are limited. HALS and the Hertford Museum both have some records relating to the school (see Access to Archives) but there is nothing in their holdings that would suggest they refer to named holdings. However the London Metropolitan Archives have the register up to the end of the 19th century. The school moved to Horsham, West Sussex early in the 20th century (See Wikipedia entry and school web site) and has records for the later pupils. In the Christ's Hospital museum (at the modern school) there is a microfilm copy of the admissions registers and other records, and volunteers deal with queries about CH pupils which are sent to  There is no specific charge for dealing with queries, but they invite donations (for the benefit of the museum).

If you can add to the information given above tell me.

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