Christ's Hospital School, Hertford


Entrance to the Hospital from Lewis Turnor's "History of Hertford", 1830


There is information on the history of the hospital on the web site.

Christ's Hospital School, a preparatory school for the great establishment in London, is a spacious building in Fore Street, erected in 1690 and adjoins the road leading from Hertford to Ware; it will hold 400 boys, 70 to 100 girls and has an infirmary for 100 sick children; with this school were incorporated at the beginning of the present century the two other supplementary school about the year 1700 at Broxbourne and Ware.

Rev. John Thomas Bell, MA headmaster; John Dyson, Albert Stoddart & James Staples, assistant classical masters; Francis Sykes, reading & writing master; William Henry Hands, William Marks & James Kemp, assistant reading & writing masters; Miss Alice Elizabeth King, head mistress, Miss Frances Newham & Miss Alice Dore, assistant mistresses; John Tasker Evans MD medical officer; John Francis Barter Sharpe, steward; Miss Mary Ludlow matron.

Kelly's Directory for Hertfordshire, 1882

 I881 Census:         Staff          Boys         Girls

Mike Barford writes as the Hon. Curator of the museum at Christ's Hospital (CH) to say there is a complete admissions register of pupils entering CH from April 1563 to date, as well as some further records about each child admitted. These include children who were educated at CH Hertford.  The original register up to the end of the 19th century is kept at the London Metropolitan Archives, and thereafter the register is kept at Horsham.  In the CH museum, we have a microfilm copy of the admissions registers and other records, and our volunteers deal with queries about CH pupils which are sent to  There is no specific charge for dealing with queries, but we invite donations (for the benefit of the museum), as you do on your website.


Medal relating to Christs Hospital, auctioned on eBay in November 2004
edge engraved Louisa Allen Goodburn 1861


Some surviving records of the school are held in the Guildhall Library and the London Metropolitan Archives.

See William Lempiere's A History of the Girls' School of  Christ's Hospital, London, Hoddesdon and Hertford
and D. R. West's Half to Remember (Autobiography of headmistress, 1942-1972)

The Chapel, Christ's Hospital, Hertford: post card by P A Buchanan  


The Chapel

Christ's Hospital, Hertford

by P. A. Buchanan No 25578



A different card from about 1909

In 1841 George Ludlow (1796-1884), and Steward between 1841 and 1878 was Secretary of The Herts Society for Promoting Christianity among the Jews


Christ's Hospital Entrance, Hertford
Valentine's Series 55192 JV
Picture date 1906  

Christ's Hospital , Hertford
F. Frith & Co No 81785

  Christ's Hospital. Hertford

Possibly circa 1920s

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GOODMAN, Christs Hospital, Hertford, late 17th century

SPARROW, Christs Hospital, Hertford, 1822

GURR, Christ's Hospital, Hertford, 1860s

In the 1980's the school was converted into retirement flats and the August 2010 issue of Hertfordshire Countryside revealed that the clock on the main building (which was made in 1824 by Thwaites & Reed, of Clerkenwell) has just been restored.


Hertfordshire Countryside

The records of Christís Hospital (which includes the school at Hertford)  are being moved from storage at the  Guildhall Library to London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) in Clerkenwell  where they can be consulted from March 2013.

Dining Room clock from Christ's Hospital

Clock Makers

Dining Roon, Christ's Hospital, Hertford, circa 1899

There is a very detailed account of clock that hung in the Dining Room at Christ's Hospital, Hertford, on the web site Early Clocks. The clock hung in the Dining Room from 1879 to 1985 and there are a number of photographs of it in position (including the one above from about 1899), together with information on the clock maker, James Brock (1826-1893), who earlier was involved in building the clock which drives the bells of "Big Ben."

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