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Picture from
The Postcard Detective

Rogues Gallery

First World War Soldier
Photographed by
H. G. Moulden

27a, High Street, Hitchin, Herts

Their names are George and Mary

He has probably just joined up to fight in WWi

The picture was taken by a Hitchin Photographer

Who are they? A long shot?

Perhaps someone can recognise the regimental buttons?

April 2010

John Macfarlane (19jkm40 @t of Canada writes: While I do not know who these people are I do have a very similar photo of I believe my grandfather George Gower in C.E.F about 1915-1916 and a brother taken by the same photographer in Hitchin. The setting is the same, same chair and backdrop. The photographer was H.G.Moulden of 27A High Street, Hitchin.

Studio photographs, such as this one, can be useful in helping to date old family pictures. Most photographers frequently updated and improved their studio and if the date of one photograph is know others taken with the same props are likely to be of a similar period.

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