Books on Hertfordshire

Books on Hemel Hempstead

by Eve Davis

Hemel Hempstead in Camera
Quotes Ltd, 1987

Around Hemel Hempstead in Camera
Quotes Ltd, 1990

Hemel Hempstead
Chalford, 1995

Hemel Hempstead: A Second Selection
Chalford, 1997

There is a web page for books in the Archive Photographs series

Hemel Hempstead
Tempus, 2001
[Reprint of two previous books in one]

 These books are all part of a series in that "Quotes" produced a large number of identically formatted small hard-back books while more recently Chalford have produced larger paper-back books in the "Archive Photographs" series - which has apparently been taken over by Tempus.

St Mary's, Apsley

In both series the books contain a wide variety of pictures with a short text. Many are views, such as the above picture of St Mary's, Apsley. However groups are not uncommon - and in some cases the individuals are identified. as in the picture below:

[both pictures from Hemel Hempstead in Camera]

One of the founder guide companies was the Baden-Powell Girl Guide 1st Boxmoor company of 1916. They met in a large house in Heath Lane, but were not allowed to use the front door, climbing instead through a side window, with the aid of a box. Back Row: Maud Rolph, Lil Miller, Flo Holliman, Annie Hobbs. Middle Row: Hazel Johnson, Hilda Stone, Nellie Radford, Ethel Mooney, Nell Tearle, Bertha Cross, Edie Odell, Annie Rolph-Tomlin. Front row: Hilda Green, 'Titch' Hobbs, and Anna Lehmann, who was an au pair for Lady Burbeck.

She was also a joint author of The Book of Boxmoor

There is a web page for Hemel Hempstead

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