The Archive Photograph Series

Chalford Publishing

Images of England

Tempus Publishing

These books were produced to a standard formula, the Archive series typically being 128 pages long with a short introduction (2 pages) and one or two old photographic images per page. Each picture will have 2-6 lines of captioning. The pictures are arranged into topic chapters - and there will be no index. At some stage the series was transferred from Chalford to Tempus, and where one author was responsible for two Archive volumes, these have been republished together as a single volume by Tempus.

Tempus is now part of The History Press which publishes a number of books about Hertfordshire

Titles I have been able to trace

Buntingford, Philip W. Plumb, 1995

Bushey, Bryen Wood, 1997

     Harpenden, Eric Brandreth, 1996

Harpenden, the second selection, Eric Brandreth, 1996

Hemel Hempstead, Eve Davis, 1995

Hemel Hempstead, a second selection, Eve Davis, 1997

Hemel Hempstead, Eve Davis, 2001 (Tempus 2 in 1)

Hertford, Mervyn Miller, 1996

Letchworth Garden City, Mervyn Miller, 1995

Leverstock Green & Bennetts End, Barbara Chapman, 1996

Around Rickmansworth, Denis Edwards, 1996

Around St Albans, Anne Wheeler & Tony Stevens, 2001

Around Tring, Mike Bass & Jill Fowler, 1996

Around Tring, the second selection, Mike Bass & Jill Fowler, 1998

Around Tring, Mike Bass & Jill Fowler, 2001 (Tempus 2 in 1)

Tring 1900-1959, Jill Fowler, 2003 (Tempus)

Watford, Judith Knight, 1995

Watford - A Second Selection, Judith Knight, 1999

Welwyn Garden City, Angela Eserin, 1995

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If you know of any other Hertfordshire volumes in these series please tell me.

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