Paper Pioneers

Joan & Roger Hands

Dacorum Heritage Trust


ISBN 978 0 9539414 5 2


Subject Index

Paper Making

Apsley, Hemel Hempstead


  • Introduction

  • Time Line

  • Material that Changed the World

  • The Paper Revolution

  • The Select Committee

  • John Dickinson's

  • Water - the Vital Resource

  • Watermarks and Dandy Rolls

  • Paper Products and Brand History

  • The Mill Worked

  • Children in Paper Mills

  • Dickinson's at War

  • Asian Routes

  • Frogmore Mill and the British Paper Company

  • The Fire Brigade

  • The Paper Trail

  • Bibliography

  • Acknowledgements

This book provides useful information on the history of paper making in the Two Waters and Apsley areas of Hemel Hempstead - and includes a large number of illustrations.


Rags make Paper

Paper makes Money

Money makes Banks

Banks make Loans

Loans make Beggars

Beggars make Rags



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