Puckeridge is a village which is part in Braughing parish and part in Standon parish


St Mary's Church

Looking over the River Quin towards the parish church at Braughing
from Afoot in Hertfordshire by Frank Dawes Illustrated by Leonard Wyatt


Braughing Street

Published by James Williams, photographer, Standon, #163504

Card posted August 1917 to Driver C D Bunson 46134, Royal Field Artillery, 86th Battery ?, 19th Division, B.E.F. from Phyllis

Hamels in 1700


There is a
community web site
with pages on the local history


Braughing in 1807

Maltings Bridge
River Quin


Herts Countryside Winter 1947


Maltings Bridge
River Quin

Books on Hertfordshire 


1971 first edition


The Story of Braughing
by David Rushworth Smith

A delightful and highly readable little booklet, with small sketches, covering the period from prehistoric times to about 1900.


1989 edition


Locating Books
When this page was updated second hand copies were available online

The Braughing of Victor Tott is a delightful book which describes life in the village in the early 20th century through the eyes of an interesting countryman,


There is a Braughing Local History Society which had monthly meetings and occasionally publishes small books.


A place to sit and think while visiting Braughing


The Two-holer Privy at Braughing
from Hertfordshire Privies


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